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Michigan History Magazine Hysterical Article

Your probably wondering what is Michigan History Magazine doing on the HOME Page of this music website.

Looking back on a nice Fall day in 2013, I remember my neighbor Tom Jacobs who owns Hog Island Store on US-2 in the U.P. jumping out of his car and still a distance from me was waving a magazine and yelling “your famous”, well, my first response to him, joking of course was “I know I am”. When he got to me and opened the magazine to page 7 of Michigan History Magazine in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue, he showed the article he was yelling to me about. Well, I told him that I don’t know how this happened, but indeed it did and I was really surprised about it, actually really honored about it, that the magazine choose us for their monthly WEBWATCHER spot-lite. I think I spent that evening calling a few friends and speculating over “being famous”. lol. Doug Taylor, Webmaster

This Michigan History Spot-lite article defines our website much better than I could have ever defined it, simply because I don’t know where to start!!!

Michigan History-Hysterical Article Nov.-Dec. 2013 (1)Well, actually their is a very well written article about West Michigan Music Hysterical Society website in it. Author unknown. Click Here to Read…..

After all, our website is about History, even though the title suggests other, so to connect all the dots in this story, read “The Origins of Hysteria”

Now that you hopefully understand the true historical mission of the website, we have “Our Mission Statement” for that to.


All in all, the growth of this website since we launched it in August 2011, has been very rewarding with hits on the site exceeding 7.3 million, with a current average of 5100 hits per day, that figure goes up and down from as low as 4000 hits per day up to 8000 hits per day. The website has over 2300 pages and we feel that it will grow to about 5000-6000 pages before it is complete, actually I should say more complete, because this type of website will never be complete, because something is being made history every day in it. This has all been done with just 2 people at the helm. This is taking a toll on us, as we never thought this project would get so large and demanding.

So, the solution comes in several forms:1) Money 2) Labor 3) Reader Interaction

1) Money. These websites have hosting costs, some plug-ins have fees, also not to forget computer maintenance costs have tripled with this website. We except donations of any size, our main purpose is to defer the website costs, so if you care to donate money to the website, please contact us at wmmusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com.  For those who would like to advertise on the website, please contact us at above e-mail address for details and pricing.

2) Labor. We need people to help us in research, writing stories, gathering information on bands and musicians. If your a student at Grand Valley, you may qualify for an Intern Program, where you can get credit for doing this work. One area we need expertise in is the Radio/DJ section, that we took out, just for the simple fact we are not experts in that area and didn’t want to act like we were. Anybody interested? You can have your own section!!!

3) Reader Interaction. One of the biggest ways that anybody can help the website grow is to be interactive with it. If you don’t see a musicians name or a bands name that is not in the appropriate list, supply that information to us. Information may be just one musicians name and the band he/she was in, or possibly his whole BIO.

“START HERE” Page has a lot of information in formats that is user friendly for us. The Band and Musician Format Sheets show you the Best way to give us information and acts as a check list too!!!

Basic info we are looking for:

  • Musicians name
  • Band, or bands he/she was in
  • What the musician played and if they did vocals
  • Photos of bands, musicians, memorabilia, concert posters, Top 40 Lists, stories you may have (big or small), audio recordings of bands, YouTube of bands.

If you can think of ways to help this website grow, please contact me at: wmmusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com

Regards, Doug Taylor, Webmaster, Co-editor, WMMHS


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