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Midwestern Sound

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444 West Leonard St. in Grand Rapids owned by Phil Roberts, Denny Cuson and Bruce Snoap of the Kingtones.

Midwestern Sound Recording Studio - Phil Roberts

Midwestern Sound Recording Studio – Phil Roberts

Photos from a 1968 Recording Session with Band X from Manistee, Mi.


5 Responses to Midwestern Sound

  1. Scott Weaver says:

    What year was the Melo-D-Rays plus 2 (Ray Kaminski) album “Polkas -Waltzs” recorded at Midwestern Sound Studios? It must have been in the early 1970’s. I have the vinyl record but it doesn’t say what year. Ray’s son is Gerry of the former Merrymaker’s band now Gerry Kaminski and His Polka Network. (320 Sunset Hills, Walker, MI) Thanks Doug Taylor & Kim Rush!?
    I want to post it on my Facebook page.

  2. Doug Taylor says:

    Just added an album from a 1968 Recording Session with Band X from Manistee, Mi. Admin: Doug Taylor

  3. Ed Kettle says:

    My brother Rupert and I played on several sessions for Ted Maters there, recording jingles and television spots. Rupe would work for 20 minutes, I’d struggle a couple of hours for the same money. I knew I should have learned how to read music! I remember recording with Jack Rudolph on a jingle. Jack ended with a big splash and broke a water glass in the process. They loved it!

  4. Keith Seccombe says:

    We ( Me and Dem Guys) recorded a lot of material at Phils studio,We finished Smiling Phases there after spending a lot of time trying to get it done in Sparta at the old Theater,then She Cried,Simple Thoughts Of Love ,Mercy Mercy and a bunch of unreleased tracks like The End is Coming.

  5. Bob Reilly says:

    Common People recorded ” Love of The Common People ” there in 1969 we also did a few songs with Ronnie Fray ( our horn section ) I used to come in and hang with Phill alot in those days ( he has a good story to tell about that ) anyway I remember that back room very well, and the basement reverb system.Phill is a hell of a guy with more stories than anyone has time to listen to,or maybe not. I can’t wait till the next time I see him !

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