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Mike Jay

Gary McVey is real name. (Drums) AKA Mike Jay late 60’s. Played with The John Brown Trio, The Johnny McCoy Quartet, The Chosen Few.



I started my career as a drummer in Michigan over 60 years ago and worked under the alias Mike Jay for quite a few years. My birth name however, is Gary McVey and since I reverted back to playing under that name a long time ago, was wondering if you could add me to your roster of artists.

I performed with The John Brown Trio, the Johnny McCoy Quartet and many others back in the day and played venues all over Michigan before going on the road. I also worked in the house band at Oscar’s Red Mill in Grand Rapids in the mid sixties. I believe our trio was known as ‘ The Chosen Few’.

I lived in Northern California over 20 years before moving back and have lived here in Michigan for the last 20+ years. I still play and fill-in occasionally for various drummers, as well as work as pit drummer in stage productions when the opportunity affords itself.

Thanks for any consideration,


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