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Mulligan’s Pub

1518 Wealthy St. S.E. Grand Rapids, Mi. 49506 (616) 451-0775

Website: http://mulligans-pub.com/index.html

Eastown’s version of a neighborhood watering hole, this dive offers a dark, cozy setting no matter the time of day. Rub shoulders with locals at the spacious rectangular bar, enjoy a game on the tube and a few cold beers, or just make your way into one of the booths with a newspaper and catch up on current events. The dark paneled walls are littered with beer-related posters and sports souvenirs of all types. A small games area (which appears deceptively large thanks to a 25-foot ceiling) in the rear of the building offers an additional option with its two pool tables.

Since the smoking ban was enacted, you can really smell the blood, puke, and urine; which makes it a true Irish pub. Just remember the one rule: Don’t piss off the door guy. We are a cozy hole in the wall Irish style pub with staff to match. We pride ourselves in our abilities to drink and know music. If you need a place to unwind after a hard day at work and don’t want to deal with anyone else, we are the place for you. We have the cheapest and strongest drinks in town.

We also have a venue, The Otherside, where we feature live bands and the occasional DJ. All shows are FREE and all shows are 21+. Mulligans Pub: a meeting of wise-cracking barstool philosophers, underachieving literary critics with self-imposed doctorates, self-denying sports nuts, and self-conscious womanizers. A place where everyone is accepted but idiots. Actually we accept idiots too. Lots of them. Plain and simple, it is the best bar in the universe.

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