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Musician Page Format Sheet

Musicians Page Format Sheet:

1) Your name (Stage Name)


2) Instruments you play (Guitar, bass, tenor Banjo, pedal steel, keyboards, vocals)


3) Bands you were in: (Include the year, if you remember)


4) Bio: Give a little background on your career.


List all instruments that you play:

Bands you have played in and corresponding dates:

Musicians that were in your bands and corresponding instrumentation:

Venues you have played at and corresponding dates:

Do you come from a musical family? Please describe:

Who originally inspired you to play music?

Were you in a choir or high school/college band?

Do you have classical music training? Were you self taught or did you have lessons?

What type of music have you played:

What type of music do you prefer to play:

Have you written music?

Have you recorded? Please list recordings and when and where they were recorded.

Do you have any of your recordings that you can share with us?

Do you have any photos, memorabilia, posters, etc. that you can share with us?

Send to:


5) Pictures for Musicians Page: Please send groups of 5 – 10 pictures per e-mail, as it makes it easier to process on this end. Always include in that e-mail, (example) who’s in each picture from

(L – R) Bruce Snoap (Keyboards) Crazy George (Drums) Big Jim (Lead singer) Phil Roberts (Guitar) Jay Fortier (Bass). You might want to add where picture was taken? When (year) or

(1980 c.) If you have a poster, please send before any pictures. Send to: WMMusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com

Pictures at bottom of Page:





Jay Fortier


(Guitar, bass, tenor Banjo, pedal steel, keyboards, vocals)

  • The Coachmen (first official group encounter 1963)
  • The Ramrods
  • The Magnatones
  • The Fendermen
  • Band X
  • North Country
  • Don Dougherty Band
  • Pyramid
  • Red Apple Road
  • Roger Harcourt
  • Galligan Brothers Band
  • Songbird
  • Caffeine
  • The Weatherhead
  • Hickory Wind
  • Gold Rush
  • Murphy Brothers Band
  • The Kingtones
  • The Moonrays

Current / ongoing projects:

  • Bo White and The Bluezers
  • ODR / Old Dudes Rock
  • Extravagramza (Denny Gramza Trio)
  • Wooden Nickel
  • Small Group Therapy

Bio goes here: If your not a writer, contact us and we will write it for you.

Pictures go here: We will make you an album.



Musicians Page: Use this Format while supplying us with your information for your Musicians Page.

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