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This page is one of the central parts of this entire website. This is the place to start if you are trying to learn more about a specific musician or find out what band they played in. You might also try using the search engine at the top of the page.

We have worked hard to provide a comprehensive list of musicians from various styles of music, though we realize it is not exhaustive. We welcome your input in terms of clarification, corrections and additions to this list.

Simply click on the musicians name in this list and this will link you to specific pages with information about the one you have selected.

8 Responses to MUSICIANS

  1. Neita Chamberlin says:

    I cannot believe that there is not one mention of a fantastic band…The Tiers…whose lead axeman Joe Montante, could tend “Eight Miles High” as well as..or better than…the Byrds’ version.

  2. Terry Gardner says:

    I was a drummer with the Epsilons, Magic Toy Shop, The B. Brothers, Chapter 4, He and She with Mary Brown, John Shattuck, Southern Wind, And Cedar Creek until 1989. I also worked at Farrow’s Music in the drum shop for many years. I am looking forward to attending the next meeting in February and hope to see my friend Evans DeVries there too.

    • Terry, I was a bartender in the Bucket Pub, next to Ida, who Bill Blewett married. I still talk with Bob Elliot, I believe you replaced him for a time? and also knew Jimmy Boyer. They was a great group, comedy and good dance beats. I worked Westgate Bowl for 5 years 1964-1969 and had 17 different bosses. lol. I see your not on our Musicians List, we’ll have to make a page for you. Contact me at: wmmusichystericalsociety@yahoo.com Admin. Doug Taylor

      • Terry Gardner says:

        Hi Doug. Yes I replaced Bob Elliot in late 1971 and was with Bill and Jimmy until Sept. of 1973. Those guys were great and I was lucky to work with them. I will be in touch and would like to set up my bio. Thanks!

    • Carl Andrews says:

      Mr. Gardner! Been a few years since the infamous Brann’s lunches and various other capers. I’ve been working on getting some material put together for this website on Stillwater/Alive & Well. Maybe you can help me fill in some blanks. Or maybe not. Hope this finds you well! We should get together!

  3. John Green says:

    how do I add an artist to this list?

    • Doug Taylor says:

      John, go to the Menu in the top left of the header where it says “Start Here” and it will give you directions on what to send and how we like it formatted. Thanks, Doug Taylor Webmaster, Co-editor

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