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Russ Selby (5-8-2018)

Mark Caauwee (May 2018)

Gerry Dobbs (5-2-2018)

Wayne A. Williams (3-1-2018)

David Pierce (5-15-2017)

Dick Parker (10-11-2016)

Dan Schneider (8-11-2016)

Tom Northrup (8-1-2016)

Tom Kirby (7-18-2016)

Bruce Grant (4-23-2016)

Bob Reilly (4-15-2016)

George Campbell (3-17-2016)

Doug Slocum (February 2016)

Lee Lyons (1-17-2016)

Dick Beatty (1-12-2016)

Dick Norgrove (RIP 12-19-15)

Lessly “Count” Fisher (11-22-2015)

Sparky Harris (9-18-2015)

Dave Diefendorf (8-6-2015)

Mary Stiles Kimmell (7-10-2015)

Marc Kozak (4-22-2015)

Kenny Gordon (3-8-2015)

Roger Harcourt (12-18-2014)

Dick McKay (10-30-2014)

Ken (Kenneth K. Kogler) Kay (10-18-2014)

Al Krivoy (10-18-2014)

Dick Wagner (7-30-2014)

Greg Brayton (6-18-2014)

Fergie (Dennis Hardy Frederiksen) (1-18-2014)

Allen Hill (11-25-2013)

Bill Bailey (6-12-2013)

Frank Salamone (4-29-2012)


One Response to OBITUARIES

  1. bill bailey says:

    Anyone out there remember Teens Inc. Battle Creek
    circa:1964? So very long ago! But they had Hermans
    Hermits and two other bands in concert. Could have had
    the Stones, but decided to get three bands for Stones asking
    price ($5000) I thought it was a mistake then……still do!
    bill b—colorado

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