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One Year Anniversary to West Michigan Music Hysterical Society!

We launched this music website on August 1, 2011, and are approaching 1/2 Million “hits,” which far exceeds our expectations.  We want to especially thank those of you who have contributed to the contents of this website, and those that enjoy visiting the website regularly.


The past year has been a huge learning experience for Doug Taylor and I (Kim Rush). For one thing, we had no idea that there were SO many bands and musicians in West Michigan! We have had to learn to create priorities and accept that it is going to take years to populate the musician and band pages that we have already created.


This year we are going to continue to maintain our focus concerning the website being an interactive project. We cannot adequately express how important it is for you to get involved by leaving comments and sending us information, pictures and memorabilia.  Much of what is posted on this website is from our readers and our local musicians. We want to encourage you to keep up the good work as we constantly uncover new things and learn more about our interesting music history together.


Thanks again for a very successful year!

Kim Rush, Co-editor, Author, WHMHS

Doug Taylor, Co-editor, Writer, Webmaster, WMMHS

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