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Oscar’s Red Mill

Grand Rapids – S. Division

3 Responses to Oscar’s Red Mill

  1. Gary McVey says:

    The Chosen Ones sounds right. I went in the Navy around that time. Phil Hammacker really sounds familiar to me. It would be so great to know for sure…

  2. Gary McVey says:

    In an around 1966 – 1967, I played here with a trio (again, I cannot remember the group’s name). Instrumentation consisted of an M3 Hammond organ, lead guitar and me (drums). The keyboard player kicked peddles and we tore it up. A fine power trio. We did everything from James Brown to Nancy Sinatra.

    • Gary, Again, could it be The Chosen Ones (Gary Anderson on a B-3 Hammond w/Leslie Speaker, Phil Hammacker on Drums before you) not sure who was the guitar player? Any of these names ring a bell??? Admin, Doug Taylor

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