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Poor Boys Pride


The Poor Boys Pride

The Poor Boys Pride








Band Members:

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Album Notes

The Poor Boys Pride began in 1966 and soon were a number one band in West Michigan. As time went on they covered Michigan before getting a booking agent and a promotion company. They were booked around the country and getting ready for a 3 month multiple city tour opening for top bands at the time. Then 2 members got drafted —-The End. In 1967 and 1968 The Poor Boy Pride released 2 records (45’s) recorded at Fenton Records. These records had some airplay in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. They did some TV shows and had several other recordings to be released in the future. They still play music together and have recorded several songs over the years and will be releasing more songs later. The Poor Boys Pride are Rick Clark – Drums and Vocal, Jim Crowell – Guitar and Vocal, Ken Saum – Guitar and Vocal, Floyd Walker – Bass and vocal, Lowell Webster – Keyboard, Horn, and Vocal. There were never any other members at any time.

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