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Radu Corneanu

Tyrant, Gypsy Lust, White Lies, Angel Blaze, Groove Tribe, Tribal Law, Slave Nation, Toys, Oregon Dream Child, Decades (Guitar, keyboards, violin, vocals)

Radu has been a consistent figure within the West Michigan Music scene. It all started in 1988, with bands like Tyrant and Gypsy Lust formed by residual members of the band Oz, of early 80’s. Part of quite a few road bands in the 90’s, he has performed with A circuit bands like White Lies, Angel Blaze, Groove Tribe, Tribal Law and Slave Nation. Back home in 1998, Radu gets the privilege to meet Steve Godfrey, a future good friend, by joining his band at the time – Toys. Next is Oregon Dream Child then finally – in 2005, he puts together Decades from scratch, with the help of Steve and two other friends – Bruce and Randy. Radu is a trained musician, with 10 years of music schooling, 25 of performing and 6 of teaching. Son of world traveled violinist Ion Corneanu.

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