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Traverse City

4 Responses to Rainmakers

  1. Chuck Jacobs says:

    When Keith Brown went to serve our country in the Army, I was asked to come and join the Rainmakers. I bought Keith’s bass, amp and organ, then for two weeks I played shows with them, and Keith taught e all of the parts both on bass and organ. The Rainmakers were the top band from Traverse City, and it was a big step up for me. Over the next couple years (aprox late ’65 – 67) we played mostly in the top teen clubs in the Michigan, Indiana and Ohio area. Recorded a couple ’45’s and had success on radio in the area. Fond memories of working with Dave, Ernie, Ken and “Big Rinkle” (on drums) … Loved playing the Tanz Haus (Acme, MI) Daniel’s Den (Saginaw) … Grand Rapids and many other cities in the midwest area. It truly set the stage for me to become a professional musician and I’ve been fortunate to make my living for over 50 years doing just that.

  2. marlin wilson says:

    looking for your 45

  3. Keith Brown says:

    I was the bass player in the Rainmakers (one of 2). David Eickenroth was the band originator and leader, davidpraise1@aol.com is his email and he has the most info.

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