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Rex Lambert

Tower – Summer 1970 (Vocals only) Owned Gonzo Productions Karaoke (90’s – about 2005)

I am an OLD guy like many of you. I have always been known as a singer. In the summer of 1970 I sang with “Tower”, with the late Kenny Nowicki, Kevin Reardon, and Dave Lubenow. after Graduating I went to the USAF and they went on to “HORSEFEATHER”. Later ,( because I only sing) I owned Gonzo Productions Karaoke from the early 90’s until about 2005. Most recently I played with Pat and Dave Bradford, and Rocky Franklin in Boliver Dragnut. Currently I perform regularly doing the National Anthem and other patriotic songs at the Gerald Ford Museum and many other venues. Last winter I performed in “South Pacific” at the GR Civic Theater. I am currently taking guitar lessons to see if I can broaden whats left of my horizon.

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