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Richard A. Wiles
Carnegie Center FORUMS for the Petoskey Library – The Carnegie Building

Richard Wiles is a retired Petoskey High School history and            reading instructor and a former college level research instructor.        He has written several WHITE PAPERS for the Petoskey                Public Library concerning various historical topics of the Little           Traverse Bay area:
SUMMERSET: The Robison Family Murder                                         Tragedy:”A 40th Year Remembrance (June 25, 1968)
(presented in May 2009)
FIREBALL IN THE SKY: The 40th Year                                            Remembrance of the B-52 Crash (January 7, 1971) in Little Traverse Bay  (presented in January 2010)

NORWOOD CHERT: The 40th Year Remembrance                                 of the Woodland Indian National Memorial Park–Charlevoix County. (September, 1972).
(presented in January 2012)

        “FINSKE INNERIKS TERRORIST – The 40th Year        Remembrance of the U.P. Bomber (September, 1972)
(presented  in January 2013)

“A BITTER MEMORY” – The Burt Lake Burn-Out of 1900
(presented in December 2013)

CLUBBING in Northern Michigan: The Club Manitou and the Club Ponytail
(presented in January 2014)

        The Rainbow Inn: Petoskey’s Afro-American Nightclub
The Wachter-Vincent Family History of Garden Island

2 Responses to Richard Wiles Forums

  1. Cathy Kiki says:

    Hi Richard , so how are you and Maggie doing , great I hope . We are doing fine here . Bad year for fires around us this year the smoke was horrid !!! Hey have you ever read Death Ride it’s about the Montana murders of a family in 1937 very interesting .

  2. Jackie Westhoven says:

    Hi, Rick,
    Wes’s sister, Jackie, and his brother, Pat, are coming up tomorrow for a few days. They would like to get together with you. You can call Jackie at 303 293 8820.

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