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Richie Dekker

Sound Engineer – Owns and operates Studio 4, Dekkm Productioms LLC. as a pro audio tech.

Who Are These Guys

Who Are These Guys

BIO – Richie Dekker

Chief engineer/producer of Studio 4 and CEO of Dekkm Productions LLC

Even at an early age Richie’s interest in electronics was evident. He built his first Mono Hi-Fi at the age of 8 from some old TV’s his father had given him. His interest only grew from there. In High School he joined his first Rock Band Cosmic where he built the bands sound system and ran sound.

Richie graduated high school from Grandville MI in 1977 and from there went to ITT Tech and earned his degree in Analog and digital electronics. After ITT he built a sound system and went on the road with another band “Yuwanna”. During this time he was very fortunate to be mentored by concert pianist Nancy Poltrock in the art of separation of sound.

From there he went to work for Pro Audio Grand Rapids Mi. where he ran sound for many different acts such as Bruce Hornsby, Bill Cosby, Three Dog Night, Drew Carey, Glen Campbell, and President Ronald Regan. Also at this time he started his first recording studio”Great Lakes Studios” with partner Paul Dams . They decided to merge with another studio “Masterview Studios” in Otsego Mi. where he worked full time with Brent McDonald and Tom Gray.

In 1989 Richie took a job on the road with Joan Jett where he ran front house and production for nearly 2 years. After coming off the road, he took a job managing “The Circuit Shop” an Audio and Speaker shop in Grand Rapids, Mi. and also work at “Sound Structures” running sound all around the state.

In 1996 he went to work for Clear Channel Radio as an Engineer and helped install and set up 4 new HD transmitter sights for the company. He also worked on live remotes with various broadcasts for station events such as the Ford funeral to B-93 Birthday bash. During his time at Clear Channel Richie rebuilt “Phase III” studio in Holland, MI. Recording and running live sound for many West Michigan bands and musicians, as he has done for most of his life. His interest in old Amplifiers and electronics has also brought him to The Hammond Organ where he has repaired, rented , bought and sold and collected vintage Hammonds through out the years.



Studio Room

Studio Room

Welcome to Studio 4!

Studio 4 is a fully operational 48 track analog to digital recording studio, in a 48′ x 32′ space designed in a comfortable country setting.

Built in 2008 this is the fourth studio for Richie Dekker and the first for Melain. The idea was to create an atmosphere that helps promote creativity in a relaxed surrounding. Keeping in mind Richie’s audio background with Melain’s musical artistic view, “Studio 4” was created.

Control Board

Control Board

Studio4 Services:

  • 48 track Analog to digital hard drive recording
  • Live 24 track remote recording
  • 20,000 watt live sound system for small indoor outdoor venues
  • Hammond B3 and C3 for recording
  • Fender Rhodes 73 for recording
  • Recording Musicians upon request
Control Room from Studio

Control Room from Studio

Studio4, Dekkm Productions LLC

Dorr, MI

Phone Contact:  616-896-8331

E-Mail Contact:  info@studio4.ws

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