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Roger Matthews

Purple Gang , Toad, Xebec, Natchez Trace (Bass, vocals) (RIP Passed away 2-4-2017)

Another old friend passed away yesterday. Roger Matthews, a musician, a carpenter and great guy. We became friends in sophomore year. He was a folk singer back then. I ruined him by making him play rock’ roll. We played in the Purple Gang, then went and sat about ten feet from Jimi Hendrix at the 5D club in Ann Arbor and quickly formed a trio with my best friend Jack Rudolph. The band was called Toad. We went through a couple of versions of that band, the last in 1971 with Ronn Burke. In 73 I called him to join a band I was helping called Xebec, with Ric SherwinRodger Bliss and Arthur Chrysler (Bud). I called him again in 76 to come to LA with Bud to play and record with Natchez Trace with Ronn, Daniel Parsons and Bill Chrysler our engineer supreme. After that Rog went back to doing solo work, mostly classical guitar. We lost track of each other in the late 80s when he had to go to Texas to find work as a carpenter. He is survived by two daughters and a (brat little) sister, Paula. The family is planning a service in the spring. A little prayer for his family would be appreciated I’m sure. Ed Kettle

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