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Grand Rapids – 9 Piece Brass Band – short lived – 1973 c.

Band Members:

  • Gene Sironen (Trombone)
  • Arnie Rodriguez (Trumpet – Band Leader)
  • Scott Free (Lead vocals)
  • Andy Venza (Drums)
  • Steve Richardson (Sax)
  • Junior Ortiz (Guitar)
  • ? Paco (Keyboard)
  • ? ? (Bass)

Salvation – 9 Piece Brass Band


The Grotto was my first real nightclub gig, playing trombone. It was the fall of 1973, with a 9-piece, short-lived band called “Salvation.” I had a blast!! Trumpet player, Arnie Rodriguez was the band leader, Scott Free was the lead singer, Andy Venza on drums, Steve Richardson on sax, Junior Ortiz on guitar, Paco (last name??) on keys and I’ve forgotten the bass player’s name. I recall, the band “America” came in on Halloween night to judge the costume contest, and we hung out and partied with them afterward at someone’s house. Great memories!! Gene Sironen


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