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Sharon Polidan

The Maarx, High Wind, Voyager, Roommates, Always Never, Monitor, Chaser, Soul Surfers, ASAP, Party Groove, Misconduct.

I started in first band in 1977 with The Maarx. Next band was High wind with Brad and Brian Tripp. third was voyager which turned into Roommates and the second incarnation of roommates was when I first played with Carter Moore who is my partner in the current band, always Never. My big band was Misconduct and we booked 6-7 nights a week, 50 weeks a year for 8 years with Kenny Roberts Agency and Sidartha in Lansing. I also played with Monitor, a spinoff off of 240 Front St. And Chaser with my good buddy Barson. then the soul surfers, ASAP with Dennis Smith, and party Groove, with Big Daddy Fox, David Alves and Donnie Hugley. 14 bands, 75 musicians, and 36 years later, I have 3 CDs of original material and a Junior Jamz, kid songs.
































Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Live version by Lost Weekend.
Lost Weekend is: Sharon Polidan (lead vox and back-up vox, Dennis Smith (lead guitar, lead vox and back-up vocals, Jim Prange (keyboards, guitar, lead and backup vocals) J.D. Jones (drums, drums, drums) and Fred Strevy (bass)
Just audio, no video yet.


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E-Mail: sharonpolidan@gmail.com


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  1. Thank you Doug, hope to meet you!

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