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Skeeter (Shelly) Ferrell

Force, Phoenix, The Stats, Brat.

Skeeter Ferrell, born Shelly Keats Ferrell on 10/1/1955, grew up in Central Lake Michigan and is best known as the drummer and founding member of Force (formerly Phoenix) from 1973 to 1982. Skeeter was a Music Major at CMU before going on the road with Force. Following the band’s breakup he played drums for Lansing based power-pop band “The Stats” in 1983 then toured with Michigan band “Brat” until 1986. Ferrell owns and operates guitar repair company Nashville Fretworks and now resides on Dauphin Island.

Skeet Ferrell Drums

Skeet Ferrell

Shelly Ferrell Hanging with Dick Wagner at his last Nashville performance. RIP Maestro!

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