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Steve Godfrey

Innocent Blood, Black Diamond, Heather Downs, Toys, Misconduct, Iris Pool, The Stooges, Decades (Drums, percussion, vocals) (RIP)

Steve Godfrey started playing drums at the tender age of 9. While in high school  he experienced his first band, namely Innocent Blood. The band also featured Bob Brock Jr. –  the son of famed GR polka star, Bob Brock. At 17 he ventured into his first club gig with his friend Phil, in a band called Black Diamond (Kiss pun, yes…). Throughout the years Steve has been part of bands such as Heather Downs, Toys, Misconduct (also featuring John Winstanley of great Grand Rapids fame!) and Iris Pool. Around 2003 he was part of The Stooges, together with our good friend Bruce Evans.  Steve has been part of the Decades family since 2005. His drumming influences include Neal Peart, Mike Portnoy and Dean Castronovo, while his listening likes might touch a bit of Kiss, Journey, Foreigner, Whitesnake, TheTubes, Queensryche, Dokken, Men at Work, then a whole lot of Motown. He is the driving beat behind it all.

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  1. Laurie says:

    R.I.P. Steve – only met you once but was very impressed – you have a lot of people who respect you and honor you.

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