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Stone Thrown

Grand Rapids – Grand Rapids Michigan based blues rock band Stone Thrown embodies the heart and soul of what the blues genre used to stand for, but with a modern day twist.

Stone Thrown

Stone Thrown

Band Members:

  • Vrate Gill (Bass guitar, vocals)
  • Nate Wall (Lead guitar, vocals)
  • Micah Lehmoine (Keyboards, guitar, vocals)
  • Jesse Poltrock (Drums, vocals)


Stone Thrown – Gypsy (YouTube) (6:25)

Stone Thrown – When The Music’s Over (The Doors Cover)  (YouTube) (10:55)

Stone Thrown – Don’t Let Me Down (Beatles Cover) (YouTube) (3:24)

Stone Thrown – Transylvania Station YouTube (5:08)

Stone Thrown

Stone Thrown






Vrate Gill started out playing guitar in his basement while listening to the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Metallica, Megadeth, and even death metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and so much more.

He quickly moved on to play music of those styles, and was in and out of cover and original bands since his adolescence. He has since moved away from metal and hard rock, and found his passion lies in the great musicians that laid the groundwork for the bands he grew up with. He was born hearing impaired of the higher frequencies, so bass guitar became the natural choice for him.

He dedicated himself to ressurecting an era where music was more than just record sales, but was meant to open the eyes of an entire generation, and change the world. His solid bass lines coupled with Poltrock’s jazzy drum lines are the cement that hold the music together.

When Vrate and Jesse first jammed together, they realized that they were a force to be reckoned with. When Jesse introduced Nate, and Vrate introduced Micah into the band, the four quickly realized that with the wide array of musical background they possessed, they knew it was time to rebirth an era of music from bygone days, and make a new era of their own.

Nate Wall Artist/Musician is Lead Guitar and singer in Stone Thrown.

As a student, Nathan was often found in the hallways of his school playing guitar and singing songs for the student body. Experiences as a street musician have brought him a wide range of musical influence, but he only plays the Blues.

As an adult, his dreams have only grown. Starting a radio station is just one of many future plans. Spirit has always overcome any physical doubt of being an Artist or Musician.

Micah Lehmoine was born July 31, 1990. He was delivered by midwives in the very house he grew up in. His hair was as white as snow until approximately five years of age before it began to settle into a dark brown.

As a child, he was introduced to the Beatles and Neil Young and fell in love with the music. The first song he ever learned was the quaker oatmeal song in C major at the age of eight. He took piano lessons from Wendell Babcock between the ages of eight and nine. Due to the fact that taking piano lessons seemed more like school work than fun, he fell out of playing any instruments until high school.

He accredits the majority of his harmonizing, song writing and aural comprehension skills to singing old hymns at church on sundays. He participated in choir from seventh grade until graduation including honors choir junior year and select choir senior year.

Sophmore year he was given a two octave mini keyboard. He began to listen to his favorite Beatles songs until he could play them. From then on, learning songs by ear became an addiction only surpassed by his new addiction to song writing. He picked up guitar for the first time Senior year of High School. The first song he wrote and kept was called, “Way too long,” which was later performed by his first band, “Ohio Turnpike Elegy.” The band was formed in the fall of his senior year. The band stayed together for approximately a year, playing gigs few and far between.

Before long, however, he and the drummer had a falling out with the bass player and lead guitarist and the band broke up. Beginning senior year as well, Micah began primatively recording songs he wrote on his home computer. It was April 20th (420) 2009, when he first met Vrate Gill. They would occasionally jam together but had no idea how the future would bind them together.

It wasn’t till the summer of 2011 that he met Jesse Poltrock and Nate Walton and formed “Stone Thrown,” which was originally named “Ethanotis.”

Jesse Poltrock was born on December 12, 1990. From before he was born, his mother Jolynn always said she knew he would be a drummer. He would move to the rythm of her heart beat and earned the nickname “kicking bird.”

Growing up in the country, Jesse found an absolute love for the outdoors. He’d spend his days catching crayfish, frogs and turtles and the evenings hooking catfish with his father Jeff. As life went on, Jesse found an extreme appreciation for his brother Cody. Cody was always there to help Jesse to stand when knees felt weak and to weaken knees when stood too tall.

Jesse jumped into many different hobbies as a child. He found a love for skateboards, martial arts, football and gained a professional level in Disc Golf. At the age of 12 Jesse recieved his first Drum set as a Birthday present, a Yamaha Stage Custom. From that point on he found his true passion to be with music. Having parents that ride Harleys, Jesse grew up listening to blues and classic rock.

In turn, his favorite artists were The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, The Eagles and The Rolling Stones.

With an un-dying dream to some day be in a brotherhood of musicians, he found his family and the restlest nights were finally over. The brotherhood will stand known as Stone Thrown.

Jesse believes that “Music is expressing ones-self honestly. Nothing more and nothing less.” “Young Hearts with Old Souls.”


June 30, 2012 – We’ve finally gotten our hands on a brand new JBL PA system.  If you thought we rocked before, wait until you  hear us now!

New news!! After a busy summer of shows and festivals we have booked studio time this month to start working on our CD. Studio 4 and Richie and Melaine Dekker will be hosting  in Dorr, Mich. We are really excited to put our own music out to our fans! Stay tuned for updates!

Also a new shirt order is being put together NOW so t’s will be available soon!!

Well the time has come!! We’re excited to announce that we are going in studio this weekend at Studio 4 to laydown a few originals for a short cd. Keep a lookout for more info coming!!!

Ok! Still working with Studio4 and Richie on the CD! A few more hours and we’ll be doing the final mix! Sounds great and we can’t wait for our fans to hear our original offerings! More to come!

Well the work is done! Now we start the mix-down on the CD!

Mix down is Fini! Now the legal work (copyright and Trademark) then…….the second half of the CD. We did 5 songs first, and now the next 5 or six. We have several in the works and a couple we are already playing out with! When the legals are done we will be selling the mini CD’s at our gigs to help pay for more studio time so look for it! Special thanks to Richie and Melaine Dekker at Studio4 for all their help and support!

Stone Thrown – Keep On Rocking In The Real World – Video (6:09)

Stone Thrown Website: http://www.stone-thrown.com/


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