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Stormy Weathers

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REFURBUSHED is a energetic, versatile and professional three-piece band from Muskegon, MI. The band features guitar and bass by brothers Mike and Matt Furbush , and drumming by Stormy Weathers. This band has demonstrated a unique ability to entertain any crowd with its wide-ranging versatility and ability to perform Danceable Pop, Rock, Funk, R&B, Country, and more, shifting seamlessly from one style to another to provide a fun, high energy entertainment experience that is unrivaled in the Muskegon area. This terrific power trio is the perfect choice for nightclubs, weddings, private parties, concerts and more!

Mike and Matt Furbush had both performed with Stormy several years ago in the local favorite cover band PEARLMOON. After a long run, the three of them went their separate ways and performed in several local and regional bands. In 2008, Mike and Matt began performing music together again in the successful and popular band TRIO. In 2011, Mike and Matt parted ways with TRIO to form their own band. After performing briefly as THE FURBUSH BROTHERS along with a roster of seasoned drummers, the brothers reunited with their longtime friend and former band mate Stormy, who had been performing with NIGHTFALL, another rocking local group. The new trio decided to re-name themselves REFURBUSHED, and the name stuck. The dynamics between the three members make for an entertaining, energetic and fun experience, providing a party atmosphere wherever they perform. Their passion for the music that they play and the entertainment value they strive to maintain is what comes through. But don’t just take our word for it…this band plays regularly to delighted crowds, come experience the music for yourself! We promise you’ll love what you hear. We suggest having a cold drink, unwinding and letting the music take you away. We guarantee smiles. We encourage putting your hands in the air. We recommend raising your glass and singing along, and by all means, get out there and DANCE!!!




ReFURBUSHeD ReverbNation

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