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Grand Rapids

Tanglewood’s first engagement was at the grand opening of Albert’s Shoes at Woodland Mall, and that they performed the Beatle’s hit, “Ticket to Ride.” This band survived until the mid 70s.

Tanglewood 1972 Harbor Inn

Band Members 1966:

  • Ronn Burke (Guitar, vocals) left in 1967
  • Roger Rosema (Bass)
  • Rick Sherwin (Guitar and vocals)
  • Tim Waltcheski (Drums)
  • Roger Bliss (early 1971 until fall 1972 playing Hammond Organ and Piano, vocals) Left, due to parental illness, was replaced by Charlie Huhn on Guitar.

Band Members 1972-1973:

  • Charlie Huhn (Lead Vocals, guitar)
  • Buddy Chrysler (Drums)
  • Bill Chrysler  (Soundman)

Tanglewood 2013

One Response to Tanglewood

  1. Greg Kelly says:

    Saw tanglewood several times at put puts bar on Fulton. Charlie Hugh’s and Rick Sherwin together on guitar and vocals were amazing sherwin’s cover of yes’s long distance was amazing. Sounded like yes’s lead singer John Anderson. Sherwin’s guitar skills were incredible. Best classic rock cover band bar none. Sherwin’s is playing keys in some Christian church someplace in Grand Rapids.

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