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Tanz Haus

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Tanz Haus

Tanz Haus

Tales o’ the Tanz: Legendary Local Rock Palace Rises again Oct. 15 – 10/14/2004 Rick Coates


Pep Perrine’s Drums – Bob Seger System

at The Tanz Haus Acme, Mi.

Pep Perrine – Drummer – Bob Seger System

That looks like the old Tanz Haus in Acme just outside of Traverse City MI. It’s gone now but many a famous act played there in the early 60’s…

Early photo of Bob Seeger (wait till you see the drum kit) – [DFO] Drum Forum – Vintage and Modern Drumming Community

From: Northernexpress -The Youngest Candidate – 10/7/2004

ALL THAT TANZ: Memorabilia, photos and misty memories are being sought for a Tanz Haus Reunion night to commemorate the rock & roll nightclub in Acme which launched many a local band and one night stand back in the ’60s and ’70s. Streeter’s in TC is collecting the gear for a display at Ground Zero on Friday, Oct. 15. A house band and special musical guests will recapture the Tanz Haus’s spirit. Doors open at 7 p.m., $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Tanz House – Traverse City – Kingtones











18 Responses to Tanz Haus

  1. Brenda says:

    I remember a band in the early 80’s that had big snakes as part of their act. It was called “Normandy” I think. The more I drank, the closer I would get to the stage.
    It was said that Ted Nugent played there, too.

  2. Craig Padgett says:

    I played there w a North Michigan band named “Crystol Haze” in the early ’80s, and have fond memories of Elmer with his Db meter during our sound checks because of the garage doors that opened to the outdoor decks for those Michigan summer nights

  3. Matt says:

    Friends in 1977 once played the Tanz on a Saturday night. We thought it was the manager early Saturday telling us they were almost done tearing down their equipment from Friday nights performance after driving all the way from Indiana. It turned out to be John Mellencamp.

  4. RMc1 says:

    Ahhhhh TANZ! the mmemories. the wild fun, the garage doors open all night and late into the fall.. Who remebers Salem Wichcraft?!! Welll hey everyone, the greatest rock and roll, almost metal wild bunch that called the Tanz Houser home and Elmer and Elsie dad and mom!

    The wildness when Seager came in and did a few licks. And Nugent did a flash by one night …
    The watered down drinks (who cared!)… the cute always ready with a wack to the back of the head waitresses… and of course If you went there more than 5 times and didn’t get laid in the parking lot you probably became a nun or a priest and never have ventured beyond the convent!

    Stand in the KMart parking lot now, close your eeys.. you can feel the music, smell the stale beer on the floors and and Jim duffy and the boys playing great original stuff and cover tunes… Rock and roll live places like the Tanz Haus was how you really connected with the music and your loss of virginity!

  5. mark Murray says:

    I used to play in the band The Klick back in the early 80’s with member’s mel and nelly walk, joe cosure, willy love, and myself mark murray..we were a top 40 touring band from all over only two of us were from the same city… but we just klicked when we all got together for the first time and that’s where the name came from.. we felt welcome from the moment we first walked through the doors of the Tans Haus. we were fortunate enough to play there a few times and fun times did we had wow.. things I should not mention but still think of to this day…haha so yeah this place does deserve the title legendary..the Tans Haus will always have special place in my heart only wish I had some pics of the craziness that took place while there

  6. Jan White says:

    I used to play drums for the “Rogues” back in ’64 and ’65 and we played the Tanz a number of times. I still remember what a chore it was lugging all the drums & equipment to the stage! We also used to play at the Teen Chalet in Gaylord, the Ponytail in Harbor Springs and and the Platters in Cadillac where we once opened for the Animals. Lots of fond memories of all these great places.

    • Doug Taylor says:

      Jan, What I have read and been told buy a number of then young musicians, is it give them a job that didn’t pay to bad at all. It keep most of them busy every weekend, out of trouble and give them a sense of pride.

    • Georgia Lewis says:

      I am sure we saw you. Hardly missed a night. It was a pain lugging all of the equiptment in and out but well worth it. Such great memories of that place.

  7. mark m says:

    I was fortunate enough to play the tanz haus back in 1984 with the band Prevailer. have many found memories of acme and traverse city, mi

  8. Bill Gross says:

    Our band played Tanz Haus in the mid 60’s. We were lucky enough to have played there on three different occasions. Is there anyone out there that might remember THE ONE EYED JACKS? We would love to hear from you. Any old pics?

  9. Ron says:

    I was fortunate enough to have played the Tanz Haus around 82′ with our band ‘Damien’ out of Toledo, Ohio. I remember checking out all the pics on the wall of all the bands that had played there over the years. I knew the club had a lot of history but after reading all the information I could find about the club, I know much more. We had a blast playing there and have a few “foggy” memories. It is such a beautiful area and those of you who live around there are lucky. It would be nice if anyone could post any old pics of the club.

  10. Carrie says:

    I was a waitress and a patron at Tanz Haus for many years. I can proudly say that I can call Elmer (RIP) and Elsie Ogden good friends of mine. Tanz Haus was located north of 72 in Acme, and just north of what is now a Tom’s supermarket. Actually it is now a Kmart parking lot. We have often jokingly threatened to hold a reunion there and see what ghost we can bring up ( hopefully none from the graveyard across the road!). Sadly, “They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot”.

  11. Tom Rombouts says:

    Hi – The Tanz Haus was where the K-Mart is now. Here is a 2004 Northern Express article that gives a nice overview of its roughly 25 year history: http://www.northernexpress.com/michigan/article-1314-tales-ols-the-tanz-legendary-local-rock-palace-rises-again-oct-15.html

    (I was TCHS class of 1975!)

  12. Kevin Brown says:

    Going from memory, it was just north of the Toms’s Spartan store on 31, just south of Dock Rd.

    My parents had a house on the south end of Elk Lake from ’64-96. I used to go there with my older brothers ’67-69 and when I was in college, went their with my friends when it was a bar with alcohol. The last time I went was in ’79.

    I haven’t visited the area since ’89, so I am going from old memories.

  13. admin says:

    Al Swanson from Band X told me it was in Acme where the grocery store is now. (Kim Rush)

  14. Angie Lemon says:

    Can you tell me where the tanz haus was located?
    A friend and I went there probably in 1966 or 1967.
    We both swear it was where the Music House is now in Acme.
    Other people say it was not there, but where the K-Mart is in Acme.
    Was there ever a young adult dance club where the Music House is located in Acme?

    • admin says:


      I’m trying to get the same info that you want. I run into a guy that was much younger to have been there, but knows a ton of people that use to go there and he was to contact me about them and never did. If and when I do find out where the place was I’ll post it and send you an E-mail as a reminder.

      Regards, Doug Taylor, co-editor, webmaster, WMMHS

    • Brooks Elliott says:

      Hi Angie, The TH was located where the K-Mart is now…Not sure about if anything was there before the music house 🙂

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