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14 Responses to TEEN CLUBS

  1. Douglas Jones says:

    The Purple Haze in Fremont was a great place. Lots of good bands in the 60’s.

  2. Christopher Jon Alder says:

    How about the following, to add to this list (all mid eighties)

    The Kentwood Club
    Electric Avenue (adjacent to Woodland Roller Rink)
    The Apple Core (near Gun Lake area)

  3. James A Camp says:

    THE SUMMER PLACE at Ramona Park on Long Lake off south Sprinkle rd in Portage,Mich. Harrison Bull ran this big place after The Blue Pooh (later the Bat Cave) went tits up. I remember SHADOWS of NIGHT and THE ASSOCIATION played the Summer Place to packed crowds late 60’s. The ZODIAC was Mr Bull’s last venture in Portage

    • Bud Hyet says:

      I thought I was the only one who remembers these places. Bull Harrison also own wtps radio station and a recording studio in the lower level of the station, it was at the corner of Centre st and Westenge
      Ave in Portage Mich

    • Sue says:

      Hi Jim! Ex neighbor for many years in Portage!!
      This is Sue Bolhuis…now Rowe.
      I saw the Association at Romona Park. Great fun venue. Do you remember the Crazy Horse? Also The Note…North of Kazoo.
      I hope you see this. Would love to hear from you! So would Phyllis!!

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  5. Anyone remember the “Blue Pooh” teen club in Kalamazoo? It was one of the very early rock clubs in the area. I think another local club was the Cheetah. I was in a band (“The Keystones”) out of Kalamazoo and we used to play the “Pooh” and many other clubs in the area in the mid 60s.

  6. “Belding Rockton” located in Belding.Not on the list from the 50’s.

  7. The Skyliner in Dowagiac Michigan and Shadowland Ballroom in St Joe should be added.

  8. Shannon Sironen says:

    Club 911 on Alpine~Was once Top of the Rock (which I see on the list)

  9. Victoria says:

    If you can track down information on “The Teenage Nightclub” there would be a wealth of information (it wasn’t just for teens – maybe not for teens at all). It was run by Ulysses Champion on Division Street in Grand Rapids. I believe the building used to be a Sayfee’s Restaurant and most recently it was Club Azucar (700 block of Division). Lots of local and national acts appeared there. Remember those orange posters with the big black blocky letters? Fun stuff.

  10. Dick Kandalec says:

    The L.C. Walker Arena actually had The Annex attached to it where lots of bands played. I played there back in late 1967 in a Battle of the Bands with The Village Gayte (see under Bands).

  11. julian casarez says:

    I saw 7 venues that we played at.Some were frequent some,not so much.

  12. STEVE EDGE says:

    A couple long gone teen clubs in Muskegon were The Gilhickey located in the basement of The First Congregational Church and The Sandbox on Western Ave.

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