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Tetrad Band

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Tetrad Band

Tetrad Band – Grand Rapids based band (2010)

Band Members:

Randy Springer (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Laura Springer (Bass)
Dan Reilly (Keyboards, Vocals)
Allen Hill (Drums, Percussion) (RIP)

“Tetrad Band” was conceived in 2009 and started to rock and blues their way on to the scene in 2010!! With ripping guitar work from Randy Springer and a Killin’ rhythm section comprised of Laura Springer on Bass, Dan Reilly on Keys, and, with our new drummer Allen Hill, this band is a contender! We are a Spirited Blues Rock Band, mainly oriented in Blues and Southern Rock, that can totally Rock the House! We have a wide variety of music to choose from. Tetrad is a group of very experienced, seasoned players, playing some great Classic Blues, Rock and Country, and a great collection of original tunes! The performers in this group are veterans at their trade, so, what are ya waiting for! Come on out to our next show!

Extended Bio…

Tetrad Band Conceived in 2009

How we came up with the name was trying to find something that had a musical significance and we found this term and thought it fit nicely.


After a 7-year hiatus, Laura and Randy decided to start up a new band and get back in the scene. We originally started with Randy Springer, Laura Springer, Jerry Davis, and Cal Weeks. 9 times out of 10 there are issues with scheduling for one or more members when starting a new band, so we had to part ways with many players because Laura and I wanted to play a lot. Cal/Drums and Deacon/Guitar started with us in 2009, then we brought in Dan Reilly to replace the Deacon in 2010 and Kevin Griffin in 2010 to replace Cal. We replaced him with Xavier Garcia, who was with us for several months. Due to a great deal of scheduling issues we went through several more drummers. In 2011 we brought in Kerry Leigh to play drums. He was with us until June of 2012. Steve Razz filled in for us while we looked for a permanent replacement. Which brings us to today with our permanent replacement on percussion, Allen Hill!

Allen has the ability to keep up with our heavy scheduling as well as adding a sizzle that our band desired. He has a rock solid beat, temperament, and attitude, to get the job done with style! Between him, Laura, and Dan, this is a rock solid rhythm section anyone would be proud to have as the foundation of a band. It is my honor to have them on the same stage laying down a phat rhythm section while I can concentrate on ripping up the leads. It is a privilege to work with such schooled and productive musicians. This is the best band I have ever had. We are playing hot and heavy every weekend and weeknight we can, and we will definitely be playing at a venue near you. Please look us up on Facebook or ReverbNation.

Here is our Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tetrad-Band/141093202603577

Here is our ReverbNation link: http://www.reverbnation.com/tetradband

And here is a link to all the images I have of projects we have done over the years. The images are from top to bottom are in the best order I can get them in. Still tweaking the album… https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.238743186171911.58890.141093202603577&type=1

I would be remiss not mention the foundation from which I sprung. My dad Reggie Springer, was in many bands and was the original spark for my desire to play music. After that my Grandma June took the reigns and bought me everything I needed to be successful, and learn as quickly as possible starting with a Roy Clark play by color coded numbers book for guitar and a brand new acoustic guitar. Thank you Grandma June and Roy.

Because my Great Uncle Bub took an interest in my skills, he decided to put an ad in the Fostoria paper in Ohio to find me a band. I remember the ad, it was huge…lol, he must have spent a fortune on it. The first call that came in was from Clarence Bickers, a lead player, and his son John Bickers played drums. They were looking for a rhythm player. Well, history was made because Tri-County Express formed in 1979 and played through 1981 – Clarence and John Bickers & Randy Springer. I played my first gig at a DAV club at the age of 14 for 65.00 a night. Sadly, we lost Clarence quite a few years back, but I am still life long friends with John. I still play through Clarence’s Fender Twin amp, which John gave to me. I will always play through it proudly. After that I moved to Michigan, and here I was introduced to a man named Ken Kogler, who had a band called Ken Kay and the County Drifters – Ken Kogler, Randy Springer, George Lamb, and Jim Fowler. I played in that band from 1982 to 1984.

In 1984 I decided to start my own band and went searchin’ for players. I found Laura Wood/Springer, Dan Wolf, and George Purdy. We formed Sundown Band in 1984 and played until 1986 or so. The Randy Springer Band was formed in 1990. We recorded an album and promoted it in Florida during the winter of 1987. The band consisted of Randy and Laura Springer, Victor Belmonte, and Pete Peterson. Then Laura and I joined up with Marshell Law band in 1988 until late 1989 – Marshell Baker, Randy and Laura Springer, and Steve Razz. Then was onto a project with Horsefeather band in 1991 to 1992 – Mark Swanson, Paul Dawson, Bob Reilly, and Randy Springer. In 1992 I joined up with the Beveridge Brothers with Hal, Harry, and Tina Beveridge, Mike Bianchi, Mike Redding, and Randy Springer. Then we started a Band called AfterFX with Randy & Laura Springer, Mike Bianchi, Mike Redding, and Harry Beveridge. David Kelly Band was another band I played with for a short time during these years.

Laura went on to join a few blues bands around this time including, Travis Otto and the Money Greens and the Automatic Blues Band. Laura and I rejoined our efforts in Restless Band in 1994  – Joni Marcas, Donna Simon, Laura Springer, Norm McFadden and Mike McGuire, then in 1996 we joined up with the Stolen Horses band Dj Smith, Laura Springer, Jim McMurry and Mike Bianchi. After that, around late 1997 I joined up with Roberta Bradley and Gypsy – Roberta Bradley, Earl Tolliver, John Large, Paul Lesinski, Joe Lesinski, John Gist, then in 1999 I joined up with The Fabulous Stingrayz – Steve Holeman, Randy Springer, John Gould, and Randy Reed. During the mid to Late 90’s and into the new century I played off and on with Don Bob Bush band a lot – Don Bob Bush, Randy Springer, Randy Reed and Dale Thomas. I was playing with several bands at the same time in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I was definitely trying to keep busy!! In 2003 Laura and I both decided to take a much needed break from the music scene and took 7 years off. In late 2009 we starting toying with the idea of a new band which today is our current band Tetrad. It’s been a fun ride and all the bands I played with gave me the tools to play and appreciate many styles of music. Today we are rocking the West Michigan area every weekend, please look us up and come to a show when ya can!!! Sincerely – Tetrad Band

Tetrad Full Band Shot








Individual Press Pack Biographies for Tetrad Band:

Randy Springer

Randy Springer has been playing and recording since age 10. He played his first gig at the age of 14. He moved to Michigan in 1983 and played with Ken Kay and The Country Drifters. In the mid 80’s he migrated to a Rock band, and then moved on to several Country and Blues bands in the early 90’s. The Randy Springer Band was formed in 1987. Along with local gigs, they did a tour to Key West, Florida, playing the Poinciana Lounge for 3 months. They cut 2 “records” and promoted that show for 5 years. Bob Gill (RIP), Vince Gill’s brother, had the house show there and was willing to give Randy a shot. The Randy Springer Band fronted Eddie Raven at Celebration on the Grand in 1999 as well. Randy has played the Grand Rapids Calder Stage and most of the festivals in the West Michigan area. He went on to join Roberta Bradley and Gypsy, a 6-piece blues/jazz band. From there, he continued to play throughout Michigan in different Classic Rock, Blues, and Country bands. Today, he is joined up with wife Laura and great friends Dan Reilly and Allen Hill to play some awesome music and have a good time doing it. Randy has 33 years experience playing music and can draw upon many talents to put on a great show.

Laura Springer

Laura Springer’s musical journey started at age 11, when her father sensed potential and natural rhythm. He signed her up for guitar lessons which helped her develop technique and learn about music theory. Just out of high school, Laura taught beginner guitar at Farrow’s Music in Grand Rapids, where upon a small jam session in the store, she was handed a bass guitar and told to play it. Scott Farrow, the manager, gave her some bass lessons and helped her acquire equipment and join a few different bands. Through the late 70’s and early 80’s that led to other bands, gigs, and styles, including Rock, Southern and Country Rock, Pop, and Blues. In 1984, she met guitar player/singer/song-writer Randy Springer. For the next 5 years they played all over Michigan and in 1987 they recorded an album and took it to Florida to promote. Between then and the present they were married and continue to be involved in bands and projects together and separately. They reunite their musical talent with players from past endeavors for this current project. Laura has been involved in recording projects, and played numerous bars, weddings, parties, festivals, clubs, rodeos, county fairs, shows, and benefits. She is described as a solid player, professional, prepared, and easy to work with.

Dan Reilly

Dan Reilly, keyboards and vocalist, is a native of the Grand Rapids area and received his Bachelor’s Degree in music from Aquinas College in 1988. Since then he has played professionally over 20 years at more than 500 gigs right here in West Michigan with a myriad of different bands including, The Gordon Thayer Band, Thunder Road, Driver Crazy, The Hound Dogs, Desert Horse, Hott Dam, Kik’n Country, Stolen Horses, Tom Woods, Mike & Gordy Howed, Ed Powers, Katzenjammer, and Hazy Past. He has also participated in recordings with Jimmy Stagger and many others. From jazz quartets to country rock bands to all original projects, Dan continues to play live and make recordings with an unbridled passion for music and the keyboard. Peace, Love, & Bell-bottoms!


Allen Hill

Allen Hill, (RIP) born and raised in Paragould, Arkansas, started playing drums at age 8, influenced mainly by rock legends Kiss and Led Zepplin. At age 14 he started playing clubs. The genre didn’t matter, he played it all … Country, Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Funk. Approached at age 18 at a club gig, Allen received his first opportunity for touring the country with Every Mother’s Nightmare. After that, he formed a blues band called Red House, which played around Arkansas as well as Beale St. in Memphis. For the next 8-1/2 years, he toured with Mark Sallings and the Famous Unknowns. They played clubs across the country, including the BB King Blues Club in Memphis where BB King himself joined them on stage. In 1996 Allen recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis. He has also shared the stage with James Cotton, members of Head East, Black Oak Arkansas, occupied the main stage of King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas for 4 years in a row, was involved in Black Dog, a Rush/Led Zepplin Tribute Band, was part of the Tony Spinner Project, who is the guitar player for Toto. His style is influenced by and patterned after Led Zepplin drummer John Bonham. Allen moved to Michigan May 2009 and played with several bands including 13 Turns, a Punk/Metal band; Ear Candy, a Pop/Top 40 band; and Brian Michael Fisher Blues Band. After a short break, a Craig’s List ad and a stroke of luck brought Allen to Tetrad Band. The chemistry was immediate and they are now going strong every weekend. Allen Hill passed away on November 25, 2013. He will be missed.

Randy and Laura Springer

Below is a list of a few places we have played…

River City Saloon, Driftwood Bar a& Grill Riverbend Bar & Grill Harvard tavern, Grattan Bar & Grill, DAV, VFW, Eagles, Moose, American Legion, Knights of Columbus, Nick Finks, Spectators, Woody’s Press Box, McDuff’s, The Swamp Fox, Val Du Lakes, Stagecoach Barn, Gun Lake Casino, Putt Putts, The Continental, Barney’s, Brass Bull / Yogi’s, Kazbar, The Rio Grand, The Radio / Dominic’s / Robert’s Roost, Riggy’s, What Not Inn, Sand & Surf / Neutral Corner, Sazerac’s, Silver Dollar, The Lamplight, Grant Airport, Hilliard’s Corner Sentry Post, Rags to Riches / Leo’s, Flannigan’s, Rhythm Kitchen, One Trick Pony, Bourbon Street, Kalamazoo College, York’s Landing, Lena Lou / Village Inn, Johnny’s in Custer, 44 Lounge, Sand Bar / Lake St. Station, J.J. Nichol’s, Harvard Tavern, The Highlander, Old Boys Brew House, Crazy Horse, The Loading Zone / The Raven, Leonard Heights Inn / Make Believe’s, Swinging Door, The Valley, The Round Up, The Street Car, The Time Out, The Bow Tie. Howlin’ Moon Saloon, Gun Tavern, Red Carpet Inn, The Riverview, Dirty Shame, The Hill, The Embassy, Stan’s Tavern/Aj’s , Maple Island Tavern, Southland Tavern, Rogue River Tavern, Boondocks, Crystal Valley Silo Gopher, 4 J Ranch House, Westwood Ranch House, LC’s Roadhouse, Alpine Lounge / Brass Monkey, Slip Knot, Stumble Inn, Rusty Nail, Froggy’s / Canopy, Tennessee Jack’s / Silver Derby, The Intersection, Thunder Chicken, Wooden Nickel, J.R. Dillons, R&D Recreation, Duffy’s, The Stable Inn, Miller’s Cave, Yellow Jacket, Shamrock, Bavarian, Kent City Lounge, Bottoms Up, Pop A Top, Numerous Weddings, Anniversaries, Festivals, Pow Wows, Biker Parties and Weddings, The B.O.B.. Twisted Bull / People Lounge, Chez Ami Bowling Lanes / Paolo’s, Living Room / 54th St Lounge, Eastbrook Bowling Lanes / Kegler’s, Westgate Bowling Lanes, Lakewood Bowling Lanes, Greenville Bowling Lanes, Muskegon Country Club, Lincoln Lake Country Club, Kent Country Club, Otsego Club, Penn Club, Taxpayer’s Club, Kentwood Roller Rink, Steak and Blues Festival, River Rock Festival, Grin Fest, Woodcock Festival, Festival Downtown Grand Rapids, Calder Stage, Celebration on the Grand, Rosa Parks Circle, Red Flannel Days, Polaski Days, WLAV Raft Race, Ionia / Barry County Fairs, Sparta Rodeo, Paris Trout Ponds, Red Rooster in Muskegon, The Grange, WCUZ / B-93 Shows, Local GR23 TV, Club Eastbrook / The Orbit Room, St. Cecilia’s, Westside Halls, Firekeeper’s Casino, Poinciana Lounge – Key West, FL Holiday Inn: Grand Rapids, Spring Lake, Traverse City, Rockford Hotel, Howard City Hotel, Wayland Hotel, Harley Hotel, Best Western, Howard Johnson, Hoffman House , The Candlestone, Belding Inn, Bresa del Rio Ranch, Billy’s / Martini’s / Eastown Saloon, Parrots, Kirby Grill, Laguna Beach, Rose Bud, Coral Gables, Blue Note, Great Lakes Downs, The Grotto, Louie’s, Beer Barrel, Danny J’s, Russo’s, Cascade Roadhouse, Pat’s Roadhouse, Turk Lake Inn, Daisy’s Gun Lake Inn, Gowen Lake Inn, Government Lake Lounge, Whiskey River, Whiskey Creek, Whiskey Lounge, Stephanie’s Lounge, The Colony.



Simple Man – Tetrad Band  YouTube (10:11) River City Saloon March 2, 2013


For booking information, call…

Randy Springer – 616-774-3997 


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