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The 6 Pak

An all girl band – Grand Rapids




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10 Responses to The 6 Pak

  1. Jen says:

    Do they have an album? Would love to get it if so. Maybe other recordings?

  2. Lil langan says:

    Surely enjoy your music!!!

  3. Sue DeHaan says:

    Can you post your schedule for November and December 2017. Early 2018 would be great also for any public shows. I heard your playing Dec. 22, but can’t find any information on this.
    Really enjoy your band.

  4. Allan Harig says:

    Is the 6 Pak Band taking on any play dates for April of 2017.

  5. Denise Morrow says:

    We are reaching out to local bands in hopes that we can get them to volunteer their talent for a few hours on Sept. 17 from 9am to 11am. in Grand Rapids, MI
    Would you be interested in helping? I myself am a cancer survivor who was involved in helping Komen before I was ever diagnosed. They truly save lives and support cancer patients from beginning to end. Please email me back with your thoughts and thank you for your time

  6. Linda says:

    We would like to know where the Six Pak all girls band will playing in the future? Could you send me their schedule? Really enjoyed them at the Art Festival!!!

  7. Marcia Boruta says:

    Wow, thanks for unearthing our history and bringing us into the internet era!

  8. Dick Beatty says:

    The Six Pack were a good band, I kinda wished they would have stayed together longer.

  9. Cindy Obetts says:

    The 6 Pak was the only all girl band in Grand Rapids. We traveled around Michigan to all the teenage nightclubs from 1967 to 1969. We all graduated from West Catholic in 1969.
    We won a spot on the Lowell Showboat where we met Louis Armstrong and later on DID open for the Boxtops at the Civic Auditorium.
    We broke up after we graduated to go on to different colleges.

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