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The Boyfrenz

Grand Rapids – Power pop, bubble gum, Americana

Band Members:

  • Fred Strevy (Bass, vocals)
  • Greg Fawley
  • Tim Welch
  • Shawn Bryant
  • John Schafer
  • Leslie Kovalic
  • Emil Edelmayer


The Boyfrenz were formed in early 1979 by founding members Tim Welch, Greg Fawley and Shawn Bryant.
The lineup was made complete with addition of bassist/vocalist Fred Strevy in late 1979.
The group recorded one single “Broken Heart b/w One More Night” on the Grand Rapids based independent label London Town in late 1979. The single was well received and garnered some attention and favorable reviews in national publications… Goldmine and Bomp magazines among them.
The band also opened for a number of national acts between 1979-80 including The Romantics, The Guess Who, Pat Benatar, The Godz and Brownsville Station.
Moving to Los Angeles in 1980, the group played the LA and Orange County club scenes..appearing at Dillon’s in Westwood and Madame wongs in Santa Monica. They continued to record tracks for a planned LP in Los Angeles.
With the tragic death of drummer Tim Welch in 1982 , the group disbanded and the LP was shelved.
The Boyfrenz single has since become very sought after by knowledgeable record collectors.
In response to collectors and fans interest and to honor their friend and brother Tim Welch,
the group is currently in the process of finishing the LP iand re-releasing a collectors edition single of “Broken Heart/One More Night”
To coincide with the release of the LP and re-release of the single, two reunion shows are being planned
for summer 2019.

Founding Date: 1979


The Beach Boys, The Rubinoos, Big Star, The Raspberries, 20/20

Artists We Also Like:

The Records, The Rubinoos, 20/20, Nick Lowe, The Plimsouls, The Shoes, Pezband, Elvis Costello, Bram Tchaikovsky

Record Label:

London Town Records, Grand Rapids MI

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