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The Heralders Quartet

Jenison – Grand Rapids based 60’s-70’s Gospel Group

Band Members:

  • Ken Dykstra
  • James Dykstra
  • Bill Sterk
  • Ted Conrad

On at least one album:

  • Stan Bonham
  • Eric Lemmons
  • Doug Campbell
  • Charlie Archer
  • Rex Stafford
  • Jim Clark
The Heralders Quartet

The Heralders Quartet



2 Responses to The Heralders Quartet

  1. Steve Christian says:

    I listen to WFUR radio and have heard a song titled “In moments like these” sung by the Heralders. Is this you and if so how could I get a link to this song? Thanks.

  2. I was introduced to The Heralders back in the early 1960s by my step-grandfather. I woke up this morning with your “Living y Faith” running around in my head. Sometimes God does this sort of thing to me.
    I remember you fondly, thanks!

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