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The Princetons

Benton Harbor, St. Joseph (1966 c.) (aka The Princeton 5 – later renamed to the Princetons after adding a 6th member)

They played in Bridgeman, Shadow Land, Blossom Lanes and a place downtown.

The Five Emprees were a rival band and also friends.

The Princetons – Georgianna 45 One Hit Wonder – Charted #10 in the Midwest on Chicago’s WLS Silver Dollar Survey 2/25/66.

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  1. T.B Player says:

    I play in a group based in Bridgman, Mi called Past Time. Our founding members father was Bill “Tennessee” Noel. Here’s a newspaper article.http://www.heraldpalladium.com/features/past-time-honors-local-rock-history/article_20176ba0-a4d3-55da-8d43-d622c6e5bf88.html

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