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The Stingrays

Grand Rapids

Band Members:

  • Lyle Hotchkiss(Guitar)
  • Carter Hoffman(Piano)
  • Jerry Byrne(Guitar)
  • Tim Brodene (Drums)
  • John Gais (Bass guitar)

Here’s a photo of The Stingrays in the high school gym, circa 1964, with newest member, Jerry Byrne (before he bought his Epiphone).

The Stingrays (L-R) Lyle Hotchkiss, Carter Hoffman, Jerry Byrne, Tim Brodene, and John Gais.

The Stingrays 1965 (L-R) John Gais (Bass), Carter Huffman (Keyboards), Marty Vargo (Drums), Jim Jagger (Vocals), Lyle Hotchkiss (Guitar).

Click on the link below to hear the Ventures playing one of our first songs:

I think David Raymond painted bass drum head of red corvette to match red vests we were wearing. Tim Brodene


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