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The Swingin’ Rebels


Band Members:

  • Paul Smith (Piano, leader)
  • Denny Sabin (Drums)
  • Jim Zatolokin (Guitar)
  • Bill Green (Bass)
  • Chuck Lund (Sax)

We were a garage band from 1959 to 1962, doing only a few gigs at the YWCA and Muskegon High School. We appeared on the “Bop Hop” TV show in Grand Rapids twice. They had a talent competition that we won the first time and lost the second.
We made two demo disks that got a few radio plays, with four tunes, including “Thunder Wagon,” and “Poor Little Fool.”
Our drummer, Denny Sabin, was the son of “Socks” Sabin, a drummer who had a dance band, and owner of a Muskegon dry cleaning business. We usually rehearsed at his home.
A few singers came and went. One was the lovely Sandy Shoemaker.
I sometimes played the bari sax and rested it on the floor and danced around it. I had a curl of hair (long gone) that hung down on my forehead.
We broke up when Denny insisted we include his cousin (who had a brain tumor) in the band, and Paul Smith wouldn’t have it.
I ran into Denny several years ago at our high school reunion. He had moved to Texas. I haven’t heard from any of the others since
I put the sax down for a while and became an Aerospace Engineer. I now lead a 17-piece jazz band in Otsego.     By Chuck Lund

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