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The Tripol Aires

Grand Rapids – First Class Polkas

Band Members:

  • Werner Kruck
  • Tom Uzarski
  • Greg Rosloniec (Drums)
  • Jack Betchold
  • Stan Dubis
The Tripol Aires

The Tripol Aires (L-R) Werner Kruck, Tom Uzarski, Greg Rosloniec, Jack Betchold, Stan Dubis











One Response to The Tripol Aires

  1. Sheryl says:

    Hey, My name is Sheryl Kurlenda, and I have a album of the Tripol Aires by the statue of John Ball…It was my brother Paul’s…He had a big collection of polka albums, this one I recognize you guys…just wondered if you would like it,,,I’m sure you probably have your own. Let me know…Thanks

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