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The Twang Brothers


Band Members:

  • Al Wilmot (Bass, vocals)

3 Responses to The Twang Brothers

  1. Jeniece Leitch says:


    Is this the Al Wilmot?

  2. Patti Dekker says:

    I lived in Kalamazoo in the 70s and used to go out to hear the Twang Brothers every chance I got. One of them lived downstairs from me in an apartment on Kalamazoo Ave. His nickname was Wheelwright and his first name was Ronnie. Any idea where he is or what happened to him? The music was fantastic!! And so are the memories!

    • Jack Hanford says:

      The Twang Brothers morphed into a band called Four Wheel Drive, which I believe is still playing in the Kalamazoo area. I don’t know if Ronnie Wheelwright is still with them, but he might be.

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