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The Woofers

Grand Rapids – The Woofers played summery-surfy rock in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1990 until 2012 – 22 years of rehearsals, gigs, and recording sessions.

The Woofers 1993

The Woofers 1993

Band Members:

  • Dan Bolthouse (Keys, guitar, harp)
  • Steve Hubbarth (Guitar)
  • Ken Nelson (Bass)
  • Andrew Rundquist (Guitar)
  • Jim Zevalkink (Drums)




The band played only private parties in Western Michigan – they never sought or desired a bar gig (ie. “No thank you.” From, Every Bar In Town). They played most frequently at Grand Rapids Yacht Club, where Jim, Ken, and Andy raced sailboats. The band began as a brief conversation between Jim Zevalkink and Andy Rundquist in the GRYC parking lot. Ken Nelson came onboard very quickly (note the clever wordplay), but the fourth spot was filled only after David Kramer and Jim Karczewski briefly played with but declined to join the band. Luckily, Dan Bolthouse, impervious to the judgements of others, joined Jim, Ken, and Andy in August, 1990. The band quickly learned six songs (well, 5 songs and one polka) and played its first gig at the 1990 GRYC Labor Day party. After watching several of the ladies smooch Jimmy Z at the end of the night, the band decided to stay together and see if every gig was like that! Steve Hubbarth began showing up at rehearsals in 1994 and just sort of stayed there until we presumed he was a member of the band. That 5-man line-up remained stable until Jimmy Z was lightning-struck with a health condition that caused him to take 6 months off in 2007. Andy threw his guitar over Victoria Falls and planted his bum behind Jimmys drum kit, fearing that another drummer would pluck this prime position. Jimmy came back to play another year with The Woofers, and then moved to Northport to spend more time with his sailboat and woodshop. In the meanwhile, The Woofers (having lost Jimmys golden pipes) morphed into a surf revival band, contributing several of their songs to SurfGuitar101 comps. The paucity of gigs and obligatory nature of rehearsals wore at the delicate seams of this band, and they morphed into a new Psych-Love combo, The Pink Slip Daddys, in 2012.

Pink Slip Daddys


Here’s a Link to “The Woofers Website” where you’ll find lots of photos, music, videos: www.thewoofers.net


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