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Tom Mosley

Little Wolf and the Gullyjumpers (Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals)

A few years after moving from the south to Grand Rapids, Tom Mosley and Little Wolf (Willie Brown), who played washboard,  formed a blues duet in the mid-1950s and played upstairs at Duke’s on Grandville S.W.

Around 1956 Little Wolf switched to drums and alternated on piano.They added Fred Johnson on guitar and vocals. They played a steady engagement at the Horseshoe, at 333 Grandville S.W. until approximately 1970. Over the years, they added various musicians such as Ed Hunnicutt on keyboards and Hootenpie (Charles Kimbro) on drums and vocals. Little Wolf’s band was most likely one of very few African-American blues bands from Grand Rapids during this time frame.

Please visit the African American Music and History section on this website to learn more about this band and it’s musicians. There is a link to this section on the top of the Home Page.

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