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Grand Rapids

“Toyz” Band Based out of Grand Rapids MI Rocked West Mi during the 80?s & 90?s. Booked 50 weekends a year for about 8 years & it never got old….neither did we (lol). Met a lot of good people along M-66. Rocked a lot of clubs. Made a lot of memories.  Ruby King

Band Members:

  • Ruby King (Keys, vocals)
  • Dale Vandyke (Keys, vocals)
  • John WinStanley (Guitar)
  • Rick Cahill (Bass)
  • Bud Chrysler (Drums)

2 Responses to Toyz

  1. John Geisen says:

    Years ago, (’88-’98) I owned a bar that featured bands on the weekends, and TOYZ was a favorite in our place – packed the place when they played, and had a great rapport with our clientele. The female lead singer’s name was Ruthie, not Ruby, as you have listed.

    • admin says:

      We are far from perfect, that’s why this is an interactive site for West Michigan music history. I will get to it and check it out and change it as soon as I can. Thanks, Doug Taylor Admin

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