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Warren Peace

Grand Rapids

From Blake Bylenga, Warren Peace lead guitarist: I joined the band as they were dropping the Psychotic name and adopting Warren Peace. The band recorded School Boy Blues before I joined, but we recorded another record after that. One side was “Second Annual Nothing” and right now I can’t think of the other side! Obviously, I don’t have a copy. Roger Bliss used to do a great job of hanging onto the old band stuff, including the 100’s of band photos that we used to plaster all over the backs of his Leslie organ speakers. Tom picked most of our material and stuck with pretty tasteful stuff / BB King, Percy Sledge, Santana, Crosby Stills and Nash…nothing cheesy. We played out a lot / the Grand Haven Beach Bash used to be our favorite gig. Jeff did our lead vocals and had a great voice. Roger was the best musician in the band, but my recollection is that none of us were stand-outs, but the band had its own identity and had a good sound. I continued to play in other bands after we broke up, but never really had a band “gel” like Warren Peace did (better bands, but not the comraderie WP had).  (Used with permission from the Grand Rapids Rocks website, at http://www.grandrapidsrocks.com/bands/psychotics.php )



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