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Where Are They Now?

                                     Where Are They Now?

Bruce Snoap continued to play with the Kingtones for 50 years. He and Phil Roberts were together in the band for 48 years. Bruce got married in 1966 to his girl friend Chick, the love of his life that he had been going with when the Kingtones played at Porky’s. At their wedding, Mike King, Bob Major and Phil Roberts were groomsmen. Pete Mervenne, for the first time ever, sang the wedding songs “Because” and “The Lord’s Prayer.” Bruce and Chick have three children and ten grandchildren. They still live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although Bruce doesn’t see Bob, Mike or Phil much any more, he still considers them three of his best friends. He has never joined or played music with any other band.


Mike King left the Kingtones when he got married and moved to the east Side of Michigan in 1968. He married a girl that he met while playing with the Kingtones at a nightclub in Haslett, Michigan. Mike has two children. He worked for the U.S. Army as a mechanical engineer until his retirement in December of 2010. He never joined another band and still lives in Shelby Township, Michigan.


Bob Major had to leave the Kingtones in 1967. He had become a Grand Rapids Police Officer and being a new recruit, was put on nights and had to quit the band. He eventually left the police force to become a security guard for the Amway Grand Hotel and the Grand Rapids Public Library. He retired in 2005. Bob did play bass in two other bands for a short time. In his last band, “Flashback,” he was reunited with Pete Mervenne who played drums and sang. Bob has one child and still lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Pete Mervenne (RIP) got married in 1968 and moved to Flint, Michigan, to work for the Detroit Free Press. This caused his departure from the Kingtones. He married a girl that he had met at a high school dance in 1962 when the Kingtones played there. He had three children. Pete took up playing the drums and joined a couple of bands for a short time. He of course, continued to sing, but never received the recognition that he had enjoyed with the Kingtones. The last band he played in was called “Flashback,” where he was reunited with bass player, Bob Major. Pete died in December of 1989 of a massive heart attack while vacationing in Las Vegas. He was 45 years old. The Kingtones held a dance benefit to help raise money for Pete’s children for future educational needs.


Phil Roberts stayed in the Kingtones until the band retired in January of 2008. He never joined another band. He owned Mid-Western Sound Recording Studios for several years, where the Kingtones recorded their record “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore,” which brought about a three year recording contract with Atlantic Records. Phil’s first “love” is philosophy. He considers himself a philosopher and often attends and even speaks at Philosophy Conferences. Phil never married and still resides in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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