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White Mustard

Grand Rapids

Band Members:

  • Dave Huffman (Drums)
  • Timmy Huffman II (Bass)
  • Big Nick Huffman (Lead guitar, vocals)
  • Papa Tim Huffman (Rhythm guitar, vocals)


White Mustard

Father & Sons finding mutual ground thru music and loving the experience totally!

White Mustard ” The Clown Song “ (3:43)

White Mustard ” The Punk Song 101 “ YouTube (2:01)

White Mustard: Band Practice ” Lay My Body Down “ (3:25)

White Mustard “Nick’s Thump” (2:40)

White Mustard ” Dreaming “ (2:31)

White Mustard ” Coffee House Mojo “ (2:40)

White Mustard ” Girl By The Ocean ” – YouTube (3:14)

White Mustard Warm up song…. – YouTube (2:20)

White Mustard ” Beverly HillBillies on Acid ” – YouTube (2:27)

White Mustard/Facebook


2 Responses to White Mustard

  1. Tim Huffman says:

    I am a local musician and we are a family band with Nick Huffman on lead guitar and vocals, Tim Huffman II on bass, David Huffman on drums and myself on lead voacals and rhythm guitar……we are White Mustard and we strive for original music linked by blood. These are my sons and I am indeed proud knowing that I have passed my love for music onto them……

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