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Willy (James) Minier

Don Henke and the Echomen, Kingtones, Little Kids – (Sax, vocals)

Here’s mp3 tracks from a recording project I did with cousin Chuck Steed back in 1980. Band was called ‘Little Kids’.. Some really crazy stuff..   Randy Scott Marsh

In 1980, the Little Kids band made a white EP called Zoo Ooz. Music and imaginings by Chuck Steed and his cousin Constance Moomey. Tim Phifer and Ken Peters were the other two vocalists. I played piano and and ARP Omni and this track features Scott Steed on acoustic bass, Chuck Steed on guitar, Randy Marsh on drums, and Willy Minier on sax. It was recorder at River City Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA


Don Henke & the Echomen

Donnie & the Echomen (Clockwise L-R) Bob Mazur, Willie Minier, Joe Thompson, Rod Bowman, Don Henke


Donnie & the Echomen (L-R) Rod Bowman, Joe Thomson, Don Henke, Bob Mazur, Willie Minier


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