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Zach Mondry

Solo Artist – Guitar – Electric, Acoustic (Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal.) Played in Union High School drum line for 4 years (bass drum, tenor, snare), Drums (snare, tenors, bass,) Percussion (xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, ext)(Plus vocals) Born and raised in Grand Rapids in 1992

Zach Mondry

Starter BIO:

In the beginning of my career as a musician I took 30 minute lessons at the age of 14 once a week but gave up after a few months. I picked the guitar back up again a year or so later and slowly but surely taught myself how to read guitar tabs and found that I was much better off learning guitar this way than in a guitar shop paying for 30 minute lessons like before. I’v been covering and writing my own music ever since with the intention of joining or creating a local rock / blues / heavier rock band. Although I don’t have first hand experience being in a rock band or playing shows in front of a crowd, I do have experience playing with other musicians and work buddies as well as my high school marching band where I played in the drum line for 4 years (bass drum, tenor, snare) not to mention improvising tasty blues licks on the weekends and playing solo on the sidewalk in downtown Grand Rapids for a few extra bucks. As far as inspirational figures go just to name a few Hendrix, ZZ Top, SRV, Van Halen, METALLICA, Lamb of god, but ultimately after listening to a song cover I found on You-tube (Canon by Funtwo) shortly after quitting going to guitar lessons is when I decided to pick the guitar back up and give it another try.. My parents have always been very supportive of me and playing the guitar and are the closest things to musical mentors and who I have to thank for my love for rock and roll.  Besides an uncle who dabbles with his acoustic guitar in his free time, finding a mentor who could potentially help take my playing ability to the next level hasn’t been an easy task but I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

Zach Mondry Playing on the Street in Grand Rapids

More to come – Stay tuned!!!

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