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Ronnie Burke

Grand Rapids – The Combos, The Laymen, Tanglewood, The Ju Jus, The Boy Friends, Hyde Park, Ronnie Fray Band, FoxFire, Dirk Rivers and Natchez Trace and now just Ronnie Burke Solo.

All Little About me…

My musical Journey started in 1961 at the age of ten.  I learned to play the ukelele in school and performed on the Lowell Showboat.  I soon graduated to the guitar and it was Music Forever.  I played with some local bands:  The Laymen, The Ju Jus, The Boy friends, Tanglewood, Ronnie Fray Band, Dirk Rivers, FoxFire and Natchez Trace.

I recorded a few singles along the way and a couple solo projects which did pretty good locally.  I recorded a record with The Ju Jus and had a single with Natchez Trace. Ronnie@ronnieburke.com

Currently I am working the solo gig again where I can play all my own songs.

Some of my musical influences are the obvious; Beatles, Badfinger, James Taylor, and Dan Fogelberg.

Music I like to listen to include:  Jelly fish, Klattu, McCartney, Eagles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bee Gees, Nazz and anything with good vocals.

Some of the instruments I play are guitar, bass, a little piano and a little of the drums.

I’m currently recording songs with some friends and hope to have a cd out this winter.  I’m also writing a book on my travels through this musical maze.  (Don’t worry, the names have been changed to protect the guilty).  I am also working on a Rock Opera.

Hope to see you all soon, be sure to check out my schedule!  (Laid back and original)

I guess I’m busier than I thought, I better get back to work!

Ronnie Burke








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