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Thunderbird Lounge

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2 Responses to Thunderbird Lounge

  1. Julian Casarez says:

    The Thunderbird Lounge was located right next to the old Ar-Jers Clothing Store.The owners were Jerry Antekeier and Art Freeman.It was at one time the Sandbox, a downtown teen club in Muskegon.The Shackleforsts played a lot of Saturday aft. jam sessions there with another band called The Night Walkers.They played some nice R&B classics.

    • Neal Stone says:

      You are absolutely right about the Thunderbid Lounge. I played with Poor Boys Pride consisting of Jim Crowell, guitar, Jack Crowell, Bass, Wayne Schrader, guitar, and me, Neal Stone on Drums. We played R & B as well as top 40’s. We were togther until I went into the service right after gradution in 1965. We played there when it was the Sand Box, and when it changed to the Thunderbird Lounge. After I returned from Vietnam, I was recruited by the Aardvarks and played with them for over a year….then went on to California and formed Crows Landing….an R&B and top 40’s group. Hey, I knew your family…how’s Alex doing? I lived next door to him on Ninth Street in the Hts….

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