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Tony Hegedus

Last Train Out – (Bass, vocals)

Tony Hegedus-Bass & Vocals

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

Do you feel that unmistakable rumble? Is the earth shaking beneath your feet?  Do you have this uncontrollable urge to hit the dance floor? Blame Tony Hegedus.

Producing a bottom end that would make J Lo envious, Hegedus and his four string fiddle complete LTO’s dynamic rhythm section.

Hegedus is a long-time fixture in the Michigan music scene and his virtuosity and years of experience are a perfect fit for LTO’s varied and challenging set list. Hegedus understands that at times, the most important note is the one you don’t play, and his devotion to putting the song first ensures a foot stompin night of great music.

The value Hegedus brings to LTO’s massive wall of sound extends beyond the mastery of his bass…his vocal styling’s are also a key ingredient. From harmonies to singing lead, his silky smooth range provides LTO with a double dose of dynamic versatility.



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