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If your band isn’t on the band list, please post it on this LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS HERE Page. Also include what town your band is from, like: Horsefeather – Grand Rapids.  Please include the names of the musicians in your band and the instruments they play, like: Steve Damstra (Lead guitar, bass, harmonica, banjo, lead and backing vocals).

This page is also for general comments that may not fit within the context of the pages that are supplied.

Thank you for helping us to keep this website as organized as possible by posting your information and comments in the proper places.

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  1. Neil Demond says:

    Back in the 60’s, my older teen sister was the drummer in a girl bad called “Elastic Dimension”. They played at the Tanz Haus, once in a while. Just wondered if anyone might remember…

  2. Shard Stariha says:

    Anyone remember G.R. Jazzman (trumpet player) Gay Whitney, 1950s-60s, award winning painting “Percussion in Blue” (Gay was subject) by local artist Penny Shaw hung in Civic Aud.(paintings where abouts?) Gay was my father. Thanks for this site, Cool!

  3. CB says:

    is this site dead now?

    • Mad Beitmann says:

      Doug Taylor who worked endlessly on this website, sadly passed away on March 25, 2020. He had been sick for many months. If you go onto the main page, you will see his name and what it says. I’m going to ask Kim Rush what will be done with this wonderful website.

  4. Sue Rowe says:

    I have left an incorrect statement about The Twang Bro. I said the lead singer was a guy by the name of Carl. He was actually the lead singer of Grits.
    Wanted to clear that up…..

    • Fred Ullom says:

      The Reasons Why – Grand Rapids 1966 to 1970
      Pat O”brien – Lead guitar
      Paul Grey – Bass
      Denny Kaminsky- Guitar
      Fred Ullom- Key Boards
      Vince Palazolo-Drums

      Looking for pictures of the band.

      Granddaughter doesn’t believe that PaPa was in a rock and roll band

  5. Paul Wood says:

    There are two local bands not mentioned. Cimmarron and Mustang Band. Cimmarron was formed in 1984 by lead vocalist Darell kranz of Greenville Mi. Drummer Paul Wood, Bass player Denny Cogswell and lead Guitarist Eric VanderStel . This popular top 40 country cover band preformed from 1984 to 1992. In the summer of 1992 at the Sparta Rodeo Darell Kranz left the band and we brought onboard Lori VanderStel on lead vocals and changed the name of the band to The Mustang Band. The Mustang Band still preforms to in Grand Rapids under the guidance of Eric VanderStel that kept the name alive. He now plays with various local musicians and is the president of the local Musicians Union in GR. I think this needs to be recognized and you can contact me ( Paul Wood ) or Eric VanderStel to get a more complete picture of who we were and what we meant in the music community of Greater Grand Rapids .

  6. Mr. Bowen says:

    Did you know that there is someone else using your name online?
    Two people who have scammed folks with their Disney Personal Shopper business and they have a vlog called “Sea Cruisers”. They market this name all over the internet. They might even get a trademark before you do. As a marketing person I thought legends like you would like to know your name is being used.

    Google the name or click here to see their YouTube.

  7. Chuck Lund says:

    The Swingin’ Rebels – Muskegon

    Paul Smith, piano (leader)
    Denny Sabin, drums
    Jim Zatolokin, guitar
    Bill Green, bass
    Chuck Lund, sax

    We were a garage band from 1959 to 1962, doing only a few gigs at the YWCA and Muskegon High School. We appeared on the “Bop Hop” TV show in Grand Rapids twice. They had a talent competition that we won the first time and lost the second.
    We made two demo disks that got a few radio plays, with four tunes, including “Thunder Wagon,” and “Poor Little Fool.”
    Our drummer, Denny Sabin, was the son of “Socks” Sabin, a drummer who had a dance band, and owner of a Muskegon dry cleaning business. We usually rehearsed at his home.
    A few singers came and went. One was the lovely Sue Shoemaker.
    I sometimes played the bari sax and rested it on the floor and danced around it. I had a curl of hair (long gone) that hung down on my forehead.
    We broke up when Denny insisted we include his cousin (who had a brain tumor) in the band, and Paul Smith wouldn’t have it.
    I ran into Denny several years ago at our high school reunion. He had moved to Texas. I haven’t heard from any of the others since
    I put the sax down for a while and became an Aerospace Engineer. I now lead a 17-piece jazz band in Otsego.

  8. Worked the bars in GR in the 70’s To all of you who may remember, and to my brother, Eugene Stenholm, aka JAMI, the bouncer at most the bars. What he dragged me into, best time of my life, Love you , and miss you. and thanks to you folks for having the smarts to build a site that gives me this chance to pop back to the past long enough to write this. There is so much I remember, and if any of you folks read this and remember too, drop a line. Pat

  9. RUBY KING says:

    “Toyz” Band Based out of Grand Rapids MI Rocked West Mi during the 80’s & 90’s. Booked 50 weekends a year for about 8 years & it never got old….neither did we (lol). Met a lot of good people along M-66. Rocked a lot of clubs. Made a lot of memories.

    Band Members:

    Ruby King – Vocals and keys
    Dale Vandyke – Vocals and keys
    John WinStanley – Guitar
    Rick Cahill – Bass
    Bud Chrysler – Drums

  10. The Woofers – Grand Rapids

    The Woofers played summery-surfy rock in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1990 until 2012 – 22 years of rehearsals, gigs, and recording sessions.

    Dan Bolthouse – keys, guitar, harp
    Steve Hubbarth – guitar
    Ken Nelson – bass
    Andrew Rundquist – guitar
    Jim Zevalkink – Drums

    The band played only private parties in Western Michigan – they never sought or desired a bar gig (ie. “No thank you.” From, Every Bar In Town). They played most frequently at Grand Rapids Yacht Club, where Jim, Ken, and Andy raced sailboats. The band began as a brief conversation between Jim Zevalkink and Andy Rundquist in the GRYC parking lot. Ken Nelson came onboard very quickly (note the clever wordplay), but the fourth spot was filled only after David Kramer and Jim Karczewski briefly played with but declined to join the band. Luckily, Dan Bolthouse, impervious to the judgements of others, joined Jim, Ken, and Andy in August, 1990. The band quickly learned six songs (well, 5 songs and one polka) and played its first gig at the 1990 GRYC Labor Day party. After watching several of the ladies smooch Jimmy Z at the end of the night, the band decided to stay together and see if every gig was like that! Steve Hubbarth began showing up at rehearsals in 1994 and just sort of stayed there until we presumed he was a member of the band. That 5-man line-up remained stable until Jimmy Z was lightning-struck with a health condition that caused him to take 6 months off in 2007. Andy threw his guitar over Victoria Falls and planted his bum behind Jimmys drum kit, fearing that another drummer would pluck this prime position. Jimmy came back to play another year with The Woofers, and then moved to Northport to spend more time with his sailboat and woodshop. In the meanwhile, The Woofers (having lost Jimmys golden pipes) morphed into a surf revival band, contributing several of their songs to SurfGuitar101 comps. The paucity of gigs and obligatory nature of rehearsals wore at the delicate seams of this band, and they morphed into a new Psych-Love combo, The Pink Slip Daddys, in 2012.

  11. Bruce Evans says:

    New Revival Jazz Band is a Dixieland style group from Grand Rapids, MI. We play for senior centers, church services, special events and many other occasions.
    Traditional Jazz, Gospel Tunes, Blues & Ballads

    Frank Van Haven, clarinet;
    John Hoekstra, trumpet;
    Dave Dievendorf, trombone;
    Tom Harsay, tuba;
    Bruce Evans, banjo, guitar, and vocals;
    Milt Sernick, percussion

  12. Phil Bates says:

    Messin’ Around is a 5-piece variety band covering songs from Fleetwood Mac to Joan Jett. Playing in public and private clubs all over West Michigan, they fill the dance floor consistently. The band line-up consists of Phyllis MacGuire – Lead Vocal, Phil Bates – Lead Guitar, Lead & Backup Vocals, Andy Taylor – Keys & Vocals, Devin Hallengren – Bass, Lead & Backup Vocals, & Jeff Henrichsen on Drums.

  13. You could have knocked me over today when I went to The Place under teen clubs and saw there was a radio interview.

    Track 1-1 starts out saying “Our night consisted of a band called The Sixth Generation from Niles Michigan and aprox 2000 Kids”. I was or still am the drummer for the Sixth Generation and I will never forget that night.

    Thank You WMMHS for finding this piece of history and making our day!!!!!

    The Sixth Generation

  14. The Lazy Blue Tunas formed in 2001. An eclectic/acoustic group, featuring three Acoustic Guitars, and Electric Bass. Also featuring 3&4 part harmony. Playing great music we’ve all heard for years, but striving to play songs other bands don’t play. They have a very diverse song list, and are known to throw in a few “unexpected twists” to appreciative audiences. Current line up is: Pete Bardolph, Acoustic Guitar/vocals. Dave Marsh, Acoustic Guitar/Vocals. (newest member) Mary Rademaker-Reed, Acoustic Guitar/Percussion/vocals. Mark VanDerKolk, Electric Bass/vocals. Check out the Gig calendar on the website to see where they are playing next, and be prepared to be entertained. Also on Facebook.

  15. Kim M says:

    I am searching for someone / anyone who might remember the band called Fire Department from the late 1970s, early 1980s…they may have even continued on into the mid to late 1980s. My friends & I used to go see them play at The Bavarian Inn (now the parking lot of the Gerald R. Ford Museum), and Paolo’s Livin’ Room.
    They did excellent covers of Led Zepplin, AC/DC (Bon Scott years), Accept (Balls to the Wall), Quiet Riot, and a hilarious cover of Georgia Satellites’ “Battleship Chains.” They were fantastic. I just never knew anything about them – if they were from MI or maybe other surrounding states, like IN or IL. Does anyone know anything about them? I would love to find out if any of the members are still around in other bands, or any info whatsoever.

    Kim M.

    • Ann says:

      I remember Fire Department. They were awesome. They played a lot at Paolo’s.

      I don’t have any information on them but would love to hear anything you find out about them.

  16. David ( Breeze) Breese says:

    Just finished a marathon session OTP with Doug…his commitment & passion to this endevour leads me to believe he has sufffered brain damage of an irreversable magnitude…..God Bless him…lol. Keep plucking away Douglas….the memories that you and Kim are keeping alive are priceless & it is just possible….you are forming a grass-roots revival of music in its purest form…when the artists controlled it..& actually performed it. You have my support & co-operation in every way imaginable…. Mr.Breeze

  17. admin says:

    I want to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank DOUG TAYLOR for building this wonderful website. We never thought we’d have a quarter million visits to the site in less than a year! DOUG TAYLOR built this website, piece, by piece, and continues to do so. I sure appreciate all he does and want him to know it. If not for his efforts, day in and night out, this archive about our local musicians would not exist. Thank you, DOUG, for all of your marvelous contributions. (Kim Rush)

  18. admin says:

    Our website just turned over 1/4 Million Hits a few minutes ago. We debuted this Website August 1, 2011. It feels really good to see numbers like that for such a young website.

  19. htaccess says:

    Tetrad is a group of very experienced, seasoned players, playing some great Classic Blues, Rock and Country, and a great collection of original tunes! The performers in this group are veterans at their trade, so, what are ya waiting for! 🙂

    Come on out to our next show!

  20. Started at Brass Monkey – the band had originally been Ashes to Wind with Mike Romanowski on bass and Jeff Pierce on drums.

  21. Bob says:

    Please check out the Kwik Fix Band…..

  22. Gary Bowman says:

    Strumble Head
    Brian Ingraham – Lead Vocals
    Rick Forberg – Guitar and vocals
    Mike Angell – Bass
    Gary Bowman – Lead Guitar and vocals
    Tom Shipp – Drums

  23. Tetrad Band says:

    I forgot to add: We are a Grand Rapids based Band.

    “Tetrad Band” rocked and blues’d their way onto the scene in 2010!! With ripping guitar work from Randy Springer and Killin’ rhythm section made up of Laura Springer on Bass, Dan Reilly on Keys, and Xavier Garcia on Drums, this band is a contender! We are a Spirited Blues Rock Band, mainly oriented in Blues and Southern Rock, that can totally Rock the House! Or we can keep it mellow, it’s all up to you, we have a wide variety of music to choose from 🙂

    Tetrad is a group of very experienced, seasoned players, playing some great Classic Blues, Rock and Country, and a great collection of original tunes! The performers in this group are veterans at their trade, so, what are ya waiting for! 🙂

    Come on out to our next show!


  24. Tetrad Band says:

    Randy Springer – Lead & Vox
    Laura Springer- Bassist
    Dan Riley – Keys & Vox
    Xavier Garcia – Percussion/Drums

    Below is a list of a few places we have played.. 🙂

    River City Saloon
    Cancun Connection
    The B.O.B.
    Twisted Bull / People Lounge
    Chez Ami Bowling Lanes / Paolo’s Living Room / 54th St Lounge
    Eastbrook Bowling Lanes / Kegler’s
    Westgate Bowling Lanes
    Lakewood Bowling Lanes
    Greenville Bowling Lanes
    Muskegon Country Club
    Lincoln Lake Country Club
    Kent Country Club
    Otsego Club
    Penn Club
    Taxpayer’s Club
    Kentwood Roller Rink
    Steak and Blues Festival
    River Rock Festival
    Grin Fest
    Woodcock Festival
    Fast Trax
    Festival Downtown Grand Rapids
    Calder Stage
    Celebration on the Grand
    Rosa Parks Circle
    Red Flannel Days
    Polaski Days
    WLAV Raft Race
    Val Du Lakes
    Ionia / Barry County Fairs
    Sparta Rodeo
    Paris Trout Ponds
    The Grange
    WCUZ / B-93 Shows
    Local GR23 TV
    Club Eastbrook / The Orbit Room
    St. Cecilia’s
    Westside Halls
    DAV / VFW / Moose / Eagles / Knights of Columbus / American Legion
    Firekeeper’s Casino
    Poinciana Lounge – Key West, FL
    Holiday Inn:Grand Rapids, Spring Lake, Traverse City
    Rockford Hotel
    Howard City Hotel
    Wayland Hotel
    Harley Hotel
    Best Western
    Howard Johnson
    Hoffman House
    The Candlestone
    Belding Inn
    Bresa del Rio Ranch
    Billy’s / Martini’s / Eastown Saloon
    River City Saloon
    Kirby Grill
    Laguna Beach
    Rose Bud
    Coral Gables
    Blue Note
    Great Lakes Downs
    Log Cabin
    Comet lanes
    The Grotto
    Beer Barrel
    Danny J’s
    Cascade Roadhouse
    Pat’s Roadhouse
    Turk Lake Inn
    Daisy’s Gun Lake Inn
    Gowen Lake Inn
    Government Lake Lounge
    Whiskey River
    Whiskey Creek
    Whiskey Lounge
    Stephanie’s Lounge
    The Colony
    Putt Putts
    The Continental
    Brass Bull / Yogi’s
    The Rio Grand
    The Radio / Dominic’s / Robert’s Roost
    What Not Inn
    Sand & Surf / Neutral Corner
    Silver Dollar
    The Lamplight
    Grant Airport
    Hilliard’s Corner
    Sentry Post
    Rags to Riches / Leo’s
    Rhythm Kitchen
    One Trick Pony
    Bourbon Street
    Kalamazoo College
    York’s Landing
    Lena Lou / Village Inn
    Johnny’s in Custer
    44 Lounge
    Sand Bar / Lake St. Station
    J.J. Nichol’s
    Harvard Tavern
    The Highlander
    Old Boys Brew House
    Crazy Horse
    The Loading Zone / The Raven
    Leonard Heights Inn / Make Believe’s
    Swinging Door
    The Valley
    The Round Up
    The Street Car
    The Time Out
    The Bow Tie
    Howlin’ Moon Saloon
    Gun Tavern
    Red Carpet Inn
    The Riverview
    Dirty Shame
    The Hill
    The Embassy
    Stan’s Tavern
    Maple Island Tavern
    Southland Tavern
    Rogue River Tavern
    Crystal Valley
    Silo Gopher
    4 J Ranch House
    Westwood Ranch House
    LC’s Roadhouse
    Alpine Lounge / Brass Monkey
    Slip Knot
    Stumble Inn
    Rusty Nail
    Froggy’s / Canopy
    Tennessee Jack’s / Silver Derby
    The Intersection
    Thunder Chicken
    Wooden Nickel
    J.R. Dillons
    R&D Recreation
    The Stable Inn
    Miller’s Cave
    Yellow Jacket
    Kent City Lounge
    Bottoms Up
    Pop A Top
    Numerous Weddings, Anniversaries,
    Festivals, Pow Wows, Biker

  25. John Sanger says:

    Sanger Brothers Band
    Contact: John Sanger
    (616) 485-2197

    What We Do:
    The Sanger Brothers Band serves up a heartfelt slice of Americana. Americana is roots music influenced by rock, country, jazz, & blues. The Sanger Brothers combine these elements to create their eclectic sound. Although they moonlight as a cover band their original sound is influenced by bands like The Jayhawks, Old 97’s, Uncle Tupelo, John Prine, Bob Dylan, & Tom Petty. Most songs start in acoustic form, and grow from there. John performs acoustically as “The Lone Sanger” as well.

    We are a tight 3 piece band with a big sound. We can easily fit in smaller establishments whereas a larger band may be too big for the room. We have fun with the patrons & you might try us out instead of a DJ or Karaoke one night. We are also happy to offer a more competitive price for weeknights or early shows. I also do solo acoustic shows if your establishment is on a budget.

  26. Tom Jones says:

    Ashes to Wind – predecessor to OZZ
    Started at Yellow Jacket – Allendale and became the house band at Brass Monkey.

    Tom Jones – keyboards
    Rich Bacans – guitar
    Jeff Pierce – drum
    Mike Romanowski – bass

  27. Tom Jones says:

    OZZ – Grand Rapids
    Tom Jones – Keyboards
    Rich Bacans – Guitar
    Scott Hock – Bass
    Jeff Galas – Drums

    Started at Brass Monkey – the band had originally been Ashes to Wind with Mike Romanowski on bass and Jeff Pierce on drums.
    Changed Bavarian in from country for Ronnie Frey to Rock n Roll. Played Michigan club circuit with home base at Bavarian. Played the Creek in Big Rapids, Harbor Inn – Grand Haven every year during Coast Guard Festival.

    Went thru lots of players:
    Bass was originally Romanowski, then replaced by Bill Moore (Juniper) and the Hock – Vic Amato)

    Jack Meyers temporarily replaced Jeff Galas while recovering from motorcycle accident.

    Fred Galas then replaced Tom Jones on keyboards.

    Scott VanderArk replaced Rich Bacans

    From there I don’t know who or how many musicians were replaced.

    after Fred Galas replaced Tom Jones of Keyboards.

  28. HMS – Grand Rapids

    Wayne Williams – keyboard and vocals
    Jim ( Pete) Peterson – Bass Guitar
    Dennis Gramza – lead guitar
    unknown – drums

    Played 1970s Lena Lou’s
    Yellow Jacket
    Night Hawk
    Silo Gopher

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