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The Lazy Blue Tunas

Grand Rapids

The Lazy Blue Tunas

Band Members:

  • Pete Bardolph (Acoustic guitar, vocals)
  • Dave Marsh (Acoustic guitar, vocals)
  • Mary Rademacher-Reed (Acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals)
  • Mark VanDerKolk (Electric bass, vocals)

The Lazy Blue Tunas formed in 2001. An eclectic/acoustic group, featuring three Acoustic Guitars, and Electric Bass. Also featuring 3&4 part harmony. Playing great music we’ve all heard for years, but striving to play songs other bands don’t play. They have a very diverse song list, and are known to throw in a few “unexpected twists” to appreciative audiences.

The Website for the Lazy Blue Tunas is: http://www.lazybluetunas.com Also on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lazy-Blue-Tunas/70317524967

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