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Willard House

Lake City – “Home for Wayward Musicans” AKA “Lake City Jam Sessions”

The Williard House 2002 Closed








Willard House Ghost









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  1. Doug Taylor says:

    My mom and dad went to the Jam Session religiously, they would stay in there motor-home right behind the Willard House. They lived to dance. I’m sure most of the old cats that use to come there and play are all gone now. They tore the Old Willard House down about 6-7 years ago. Sad, it was a nice building. If anybody out there knows somebody that use to go there, leave a comment below.

    The story that goes with the “Cop” Characture picture above. Lake City hired a preacher to be their police officer and he was disliked by the majority of the people, because after this incident they fired him. It seems some youths seen him fueling his cruiser at the gas station and they proceeded to do a burn out, knowing he couldn’t go after them immediately. Well, he jumped into his cruiser and tore out after the youths, tearing the pump off the island. My father drew this picture of the incident and passed them around town, were everybody made copies and posted them all over town.

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