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Bad Manor

from Grand Rapids 1971-2 – Kim Rush (vocals) Jerry Davis (rhythm guitar) Kirk Zillmer (lead guitar) Tom Dedinas (drums) and John Wood (bass)

Played at Bucket Pub and other bars at Westgate Bowl, WLAV Raft Race, Lamar Park 4th of July Celebration.

Left to right, Kirk Zillmer, Kim Rush, Tom Dedinas, Jerry Davis, and John Wood peeking through the weeds at the bottom right of the photo

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2 Responses to Bad Manor

  1. kirk zillmer says:

    Bad manors was a local rock band that also played blues. Being part of that band, I can tell you it was a lot of fun. Jerry Davis and I started the band in 1971, recruiting Kim Rush, Tom Dedinas and John Wood. The band played all over michigan from Traverse City on down to Kalamazoo. We used to play a boogie that we wrote inspired by John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat. The song might last anywhere from 15 min to a half an hour. All kinds of things could occur during this songon any given night. Right Tom?

  2. kirk zillmer says:

    It’time for a Bad Manors reunion!

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