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The Thunder Chicken

Grand Rapids – Alpine Ave. (AKA Top of the Rock, Alibi)

Thunder Bird Dinner Theater

Ah yes, the Thunder Chicken… (brief moment of silence in honor of all the brain cells I left dead there). I saw Bob Seger there before he got big. Others who have mentioned this venue’s later iteration as the “Top of the Rock” may be forgetting that in between it spent some time as “The Alibi” which was a tricked-out disco club in the mid 70’s.

Speaking of the scar disco has placed on our society, anyone remember the Coral Gables on 28th just west of the train overpass near Breton? I recall seeing the horn section from Earth Wind & Fire play there. As I recall, this club went through a handful of make-overs until its ultimate demise. Of course, back in those days Coral Gables was an entertainment behemoth with locations in Kalamazoo, Lansing, Saugatuck and several others including I believe Manistee. If you attended college in the 70s, you were accustomed to seeing concert posters advertising bands touring all their locations.


Thunderchicken had 3 different lives..first the Thunderchicken with concerts and nightclub entertainment, then the Alibi, which was a mixed bag. Saw John Mayall there during that stage, and then it was a teenage place, correct?

Thunder Bird Dinner Theater

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